NCC 3G to 4G Exchange Program

For current owners of IQ-NCC-3G, 3G Network Communication Cartridges

This program is for customers using 3G Network Communication Cartridges to exchange and upgrade to a 4G Network Communication Cartridge. 

See the Related Documents section to download the necessary form to be filled out.  The form also includes further instruction for submission.


3G cellular communication is being phased out in the United States and is set to be discontinued in late February 2022. As 3G service is discontinued over the subsequent months, customers with 3G cartridges will experience outages including permanent loss of communication.
Customers with a Rain Bird 3G cellular cartridge will need to upgrade to the 4G LTE cellular cartridge before the 3G network is shutdown in order to maintain connectivity.
Rain Bird is offering a program that allows customers to trade in their 3G cellular cartridges for 4G LTE cellular cartridges at a significantly discounted price.
There are two versions of the 4G LTE cartridge, one with an internal 4G LTE antenna and one with an external 4G LTE antenna. Because the existing 3G antenna will no longer work, all 3G cartridges should be exchanged for the same type of antenna (internal or external).
Total turn-around time is 4-6 weeks from receipt of the order including shipping, depending on availability. The 3G cartridge(s) must be returned within 30 days of receiving the 4G LTE cartridge(s).

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