Micro-Quick Sprays

Flow rate: 3.7 to 30.6 gph (13.8 to 115.7 l/h)

The unique design of the Rain Bird® micro spray deflectors allows the system to grow along with the maturation of the crop. Micro-Quick™ Sprays help provide for a more efficient use of water, chemicals, and energy.



  • No tools required for assembly, disassembly, or cleaning maintenance with easy snap fit nozzles and deflectors
  • Interchangeable nozzles and deflectors to change flow rates or spray patterns as needed
  • All sprinkler spray patterns are aligned and fixed in position to the stake.  Stake does not wilt or twist, even in the harshest environments
  • Color-coded nozzles for easy identification
  • Less maintenance required with no moving parts
  • Constructed with Ultraviolet (UV) stabilized resin to protect from sun damage and chemicals
  • Order preassembled from the factory or as individual components for field customization

Dual pattern deflector can water in two different patterns



Technical Specifications

Operating Pressure

  • 10 to 30 psi (0.69 to 2.07 bar)

Flow Range

  • 3.7 to 30.6 gph (13.8 to 115.7  l/h)

Wetted Diameter Range

  • 3 to 28 feet (0.91 to 8.5m)


  • Recommendation varies by nozzle selection
  • Ranges from 80 to 200 mesh (74 to 180 micron)

Distribution/Transfer Tubing

  • Standard length in assembly: 36” (0.91 m), call for custom length options 1-800-HELLO-AG
  • Tubing Size: OD: 0.25” (6.4 mm), ID: 0.17”  (4.3 mm), wall thickness: 0.04” (1mm)

Packaging Data

  • Assembled sprays can be ordered in increments of 1; case quantity of 400
  • Nozzles and deflectors can be ordered in increments of 200 pieces; case quantity of nozzles is 3,000, case quantity of deflectors is 5,000
  • Stakes can be ordered in increments of 1; case quantity of 130
  • Transfer assemblies can be ordered in increments of 100; case quantity of 700


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