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Rain Bird Maxicom v 4.4Maxicom 4.4 is here!

Advanced Irrigation Control for Over 30 Years and Long Into the Future

What is Maxicom?
Maxicom is the most advanced central control system on the planet. With unmatched flexibility, hospitals, universities, theme parks, cities, and sports fields all over the world have benefited from the ever growing list of features.

The Maxicom Irrigation Central Control System is designed for multi-site commercial or industrial irrigation applications. Hundreds of sites and weather sources can be controlled and monitored from one location through telephone, cellular modem, spread spectrum radio (900 MHz), direct cable connect, short-haul modem, Ethernet device server and/or Wi-Fi device server, and can be integrated into the site's fiber optic network.

I’ve heard it’s going away, is that true?
NO! It’s alive and better than ever with many new installations going in the ground. The competition still can’t compete with the power and capability of Maxicom. It’s easier for them to spread rumors of its demise and create concern about its availability, than to address their performance deficits. Just like all of our products, we let the performance speak for itself.

It’s over 30 years old, how can it still be any good compared to newer systems?
First, when it was released it was far ahead of its time and second, we’ve been continually improving it. There’s a long list of central control systems from the competition that have come and gone while Maxicom has continued to lead the pack. It’s hard to catch up on 30 years of dedicated product development. Some of the original engineers that created the system, are still part of this dedicated product team.

What’s New in version 4.4?

  • Microsoft® Windows® 8 compatibility
  • Seek & Eliminate Low Flow (SELF) – Automatically diagnose a low flow problem
  • Station Lockout – Quarantine zones that have had high/low flow alarms until the user takes action
  • Station Priorities for Flow Manager – allows the user to alter the sequence of irrigation zones by assigning priorities when flow manager is being used
  • Queued irrigation max run time limit increased from 99 minutes to 999 minutes
  • Adjustable rain can settings
  • Seek & Eliminate Excessive Flow (SEEF) improvement to account for manual adjustments
  • Database trim setting is no longer fixed and is user selectable so users can decide how far back the records go
  • Phone number/address field works with URL’s and longer IP Addresses
  • Field Device Configuration Report now includes satellite names and sensor names

Control Features

  • From the Maxicom Central Controller, irrigation systems at multiple sites can be scheduled for days to water, run times, cyclical scheduling, linking schedules, sensor starts, cycle and soak schedules, etc.
  • Irrigation start days are easily scheduled to meet complex watering requirements. Start days can be based on a custom day pattern per a weekly calendar (MTWTFSS), odd/even/odd31 days, or skip days (starting on a designated date and skipping X days between irrigation starts). Event days off allow designation of non-water days (mow days, special events, etc).
  • Station operating times or the number of days between operation can be automatically adjusted in response to changing daily ET (Evapotranspiration) values supplied by a Rain Bird Weather Station or other ET source.
  • Irrigation and weather factors, such as soil infiltration rate and rainfall intensity, can be compared to determine the exact effect weather has on irrigation needs.
  • Cycle+Soak™ feature optimizes the application of water on sites with poor drainage sites, slopes, and heavy soil areas. Water is applied at or below soil intake rates automatically, even during high water-use periods.
  • Manual operation of system from the Central Controller or from the field Satellite Controllers.
  • Operation of lighting systems (such as athletic field lighting), security gates, fountains, pumps, sensors, or other systems can also be managed from one central Maxicom location.
  • Remote System Control - Take control of your system and operate Maxicom from anywhere using the Rain Bird FREEDOM System. Available with phone (landline or cellular) or radio communication

Weather Management & Monitoring Features

  • RainWatch™ monitors rain counting sensors, records rainfall and automatically reacts to rainfall by interrupting irrigation, measuring rainfall and determining whether irrigation should be resumed or canceled. Weather sources can be monitored by Maxicom2 calculating daily ET and effective rainfall values and automatically adjusting station run times or the number of days between operation to replace only the water the landscape requires.
  • Flo-Watch™ monitors hydraulic conditions in the field, checking for over or under flow conditions caused by breaks in system piping or valve malfunctions. In the event of an overflow problem (line break, etc), the system will automatically identify where the problem is located, initiate valve or mainline shutdown, and send an alarm message identifying where the problem occurred and the action taken to isolate the problem. For low or no flow conditions, the system will send an alarm message identifying the condition and currently operating valves in the problem zone, and automatically take any follow-up actions designated.
  • Flo-Manager™ provides real-time monitoring and sequencing of the order in which valves operate to maximize but never exceed the systems hydraulic capacity. Flo-Manager facilitates multi-station operation, which helps shorten the total system runtime and watering window.
  • ET Checkbook™ manages Evapotranspiration (ET) and automatically adjusts Satellite Controller station run-time or day cycle intervals to match the landscape’s water requirements.
  • Low Flow Alarm –The Low Flow Alarm feature is designed to notify users when the flow in a designated section of the irrigation system falls below a pre-determined threshold level, or when there is no flow (zero flow) when flow is expected. This feature provides warnings of and indications (active stations at the time of the alarm) to locate stuck valves, clogged lines, plugged heads, failed solenoids, etc. This feature requires an updated CCU Firmware Chip (Version 6.00R or greater).
  • Graphical User Interface (Windows)
  • Automated ET (with Min/Max ET)
  • ET Checkbook™
  • Flo-Manager™
  • Flo-Watch™
  • Cycle+Soak™
  • Rain Watch™
  • Schedule Audit
  • Manual station control
  • Irrigation water windows
  • Control of non-irrigation applications
  • Event calendar scheduling
  • Water usage logs
  • Station run time & water cost logs
  • Fail-safe redundant back-up systems
  • FREEDOM Remote Control System
  • Multiple communication options
  • Operates with all existing Rain Bird Central Control Hardware Products
  • System purchase includes GSP Global Support Plan
  • Three-year trade warranty.

Protect your investment in your Rain Bird central control and irrigated landscaping

  • Improved system performance
  • Eliminate over irrigated turf by utilizing advanced software features like Rain Bird Flo-Manager® and Flo-Watch™ to analyze and control flow
  • Minimize system downtime
  • Maintain landscaping with the most effective use of water and power
  • Get expert advice on grounding requirements and electrical component protection
  • Write more accurate and site specific programs using map-based programming

Maximize System Life

  • Get step by step technical assistance to maximize system performance

Control Your Budget

  • No cost to repair or replace covered central control components unless damaged by surge or lightning (Available for Platinum and Platinum Plus plans only)
  • Significant discounts to repair or replace surge or lightning damaged components, or components not covered under GSP
  • Next business day delivery of central control components at no charge

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