Saving time starts with access.


Introducing LNK2.


Saving time starts with access.


Introducing LNK2.


Smart Watering Made Simple

Thirty years ago, Rain Bird introduced remote-access technology for irrigation systems, giving users off-site control with advanced auto-adjustment tools. The LNK2 WiFi Module is the latest in this technology, allowing for instant, on-the-go system access. Plug in the module to your controller, pair it with the free Rain Bird Mobile App and get real-time alerts. See the other powerful, yet simple WiFi-enabled irrigation products designed for hands-free watering, system performance management and 30% or more water savings.

LNK2 Enhanced Control

By adding LNK2, you can optimize labor costs during installation, manage multiple controllers at once to simplify service calls and take advantage of the strengthened network connection from anywhere in the world. 

  • Real-Time Management
  • Boosted Revenue
  • Labor Savings

Upgrade with LNK2


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WiFi-Compatible Controllers

LNK2 upgrades the ESP-ME3, ESP-Me, ESP-TM2 and ESP-RZXe Controllers with WiFi capabilities to allow for system management from any place, at any time, with the mobile app. All ESP Controllers are low-cost and fit for indoor or outdoor installations.


Works with LNK2



Works with LNK2




ST8-WiFi 2.0


Works with LNK2



Works with LNK2


Smarter App Features Mean Greener Results

Control irrigation via smartphone or tablet with the Rain Bird Mobile App. Use the flow gauge to check live water flow measurements—available in the ESP-ME3 only with the use of a wired flow sensor—and see if water is too high, low or has any potential system issues. Start and stop manual watering without going to the controller and reduce water consumption by 30% or more. Rebates may be available, so check with your local utility provider.

  • Live flow

  • Remote manual

  • Automatic
    weather-based irrigation

Dial in Remote Water Management

Harness the features of Rain Sensors and Flow Sensors to get full remote system coverage. Rain sensors automatically shut off the sprinkler system when it’s raining and can quickly be adjusted with a mobile device if someone isn’t home. Flow sensors alert homeowners when leaks occur so they can avoid damages—all while building a stronger reputation for your business.

Rain Bird App Support

Trying to troubleshoot or need help connecting to your Amazon Alexa? Our Knowledge Center has videos, articles and answers to your most pressing questions.