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Grow your lawn and garden with tips and information for efficient ways to water your yard, landscaping beds, vegetable garden and container plants.

Whether you’re looking to start your own vegetable garden this spring, or you're an experienced green thumb, here are some tips to prepare for the planting season in your region of the country. From planning your garden plantings to suggestions for soil and crops, we'll share our advice for successful Spring gardening.
March 7th, 2023
Pressure regulated sprinklers (PRS) and high efficiency nozzles can water your lawn more efficiently, and may be mandated in your state, if you're installing a new automatic sprinkler system.
February 21st, 2023
This article discusses how the components of an automatic sprinkler system work together to form an efficient and effective watering system that saves precious time, money and water while providing your yard and garden with the perfect amount of moisture.
February 7th, 2023
Lawn irrigation is an important home maintenance task that should be done responsibly to preserve natural resources and keep your lawn looking healthy. In this article, we will explore the benefits of lawn irrigation and offer some tips for responsible irrigation.
January 3rd, 2023

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