Engineering at Rain Bird

Rain Bird engineers work on complex challenges using some of the latest design tools to develop innovative products and solutions.  Rain Bird’s commitment to engineering high quality, innovative products is what made Rain Bird the industry leader. 

Rain-Bird-Irrigation-Rotor-DiagramWe employee engineers in a variety of disciplines ranging from mechanical, electrical, software / firmware, industrial, and chemical engineers as well as manufacturing, automation, tooling, molding, and quality engineers.  Rain Bird’s products cover everything from valves, pumps, gears, springs, hydraulics, and molding to firmware, software, and smart devices including WiFi and the IoT (Internet of Things).  To do this, Rain Bird engineers utilize some of the latest advances in technology and rapid prototyping including finite element modeling, flow simulation software, and CT scanning.  Rain Bird also operates its own product research center in Arizona offering engineers the opportunity to experiment and validate their designs during the entire development cycle. 



“Rain Bird was founded on the creation of a revolutionary product that changed the way plants were irrigated. We continue that tradition by establishing new and innovative products that solve complex customer problems. As a result, Rain Bird has been awarded over 450 patents and we have no plans of stopping.”
- Tom Chezem, Engineering Manager

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