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Drip Tubing & Distribution Components

User Manuals & Literature Library

Download the latest tech specs, instruction manuals, replacement parts lists, CAD specification drawings, and other literature for Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation products by selecting one of the product families below. Most files have been formatted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for easy downloading and printing.

Landscape Drip Design Guides

Rain Bird Landscape Drip Products (PDF: 2.15 MB)

XT-700 Distribution Tubing

Performance Charts (PDF: 119 KB)

XQ 1/4" Distribution Tubing

 Tech Specs (PDF: 1.4 MB)

XBS Black Stripe Tubing

XBS Friction Loss Charts

XBS Data Sheet

XBS 3/4" Tubing Sell Sheet

XF Insert Fittings

XF Fittings Sell Sheet (PDF: 504 KB)

XF Fittings Tech Spec (PDF: 602 KB)

XF Insertion Tool

XF Insertion Tool Sell Sheet (PDF: 436 KB)

XF Insertion Tool & XF Fittings Tech Spec (PDF: 602 KB)

XF Insertion Tool Instructions (PDF: 815 KB)

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