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Site Reports

Custom Home in Austin, Texas, Relies on Latest Drip Technology

In Austin, Texas, the owners of a custom-built home on a 1.5-acre lot installed a drip irrigation system that uses only water from 31,000-gallon rainwater collection tank to irrigate a mix of hardy, drought-tolerant native shrubs, flowering plants, and grass. XFS-CV Dripline, which features the latest in dripline technology, was installed to irrigate the landscaping including the lawn area.  XFS-CV was chosen to prevent low-point drainage and provide an efficient method of irrigation.

Download the Site Report (PDF)

Reflection Garden, City of Aurora, Colorado

The City of Aurora, Colorado, recently expanded its five-acre Aurora Water-wise Demonstration Garden at the Aurora Municipal Center to include the Reflection Garden that features a dedicated space for the 7/20 Memorial to honor the victims of the 2012 Aurora theater shooting. The design team used XFS-CV dripline to solve potential low-point drainage problems, and QF Dripline Header to speed up installation time around walking paths.

Download the Site Report (PDF)

H-E-B Park, Edinburg, Texas

In Edinburg, Texas, the Rio Grande FC Toros have a new stadium and playing field. H-E-B Park consists of a 9,700-seat professional soccer stadium, an outdoor amphitheater, three practice fields for youth soccer, a playground, and picnic areas. The playing fields and landscaped areas in the parking lot and surrounding the stadium use Rain Bird IQ-Cloud v. 3.0, Falcon® 6504 Rotors, and drip irrigation products.

Download the Site Report (PDF)

City of West Torrens, South Australia, Australia

The City of West Torrens Council manages more than 42 hectares of irrigated public open space. The council had been using Maxicom® Central Control and IQ v2.0 Central Control to manage 81 irrigation systems from their central office. They recently completed an upgrade to Rain Bird's IQ-Cloud v. 3.0, a cloud-based remote water management software enabling access to the systems from their mobile devices.

Download the Site Report (PDF)

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Improves Tree Survival Rate with RWS

The King Abdullah University of Science and Technology’s mission is to nurture innovation in science and technology; it emphasizes energy and sustainability, which is reflected in the campus and landscape designs. The campus boasts over 4,000 native and adaptive ornamental trees, palm trees and shrubs. To irrigate its trees and shrubs, the university uses the Root Watering Series (RWS) to provide efficient irrigation that eliminates evaporation and promotes deep and healthy root growth.

Download the Site Report (PDF)

Barrel Springs Elementary School in Palmdale, CA Achieves Water Savings of 25%

In the City of Palmdale, California, water use reduction is a top priority. To aid in this effort, the Palmdale School District looked for ways to reduce its water usage with easy and cost-effective retrofits to its existing irrigation systems. Installing PRS-Dials proved to be successful at accomplishing the district’s goals. PRS-Dials helped achieve a 25% reduction in water use at their test site and in a year’s time this school can save 445,000 gallons of water and $3,000 in water costs. 

Download the Site Report (PDF)

Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club, Kingdom of Bahrain

The Rashid Equestrian and Horseracing Club recently replaced the original irrigation system with a new system that uses long-range Rain Bird® 751 Electric Rotors and Rain Bird® Rain Guns, and ESP-LXD 2-Wire Controllers and IQ v2.0 Central Control for remote water management. The consistency of the turf at the club’s tracks has improved, and the scheduling and monitoring flexibility achieved using the ESP-LXDs and IQ v2.0 has been a real asset to the management team.

Download the Site Report (PDF)

Global Multi-Sports Events Choose Rain Bird

From sustainable landscaping for large public parks and green spaces to sports turf pitches, a new housing complex and an equestrian cross-country course, Rain Bird irrigation systems were the preferred choice to meet some unique requirements for this prestigious global event in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Download the Brazil Sports Site Report (PDF), English
Download the Brazil Sports Site Report (PDF), Spanish
Download the Brazil Sports Site Report (PDF), Portuguese

City of Sierra Madre, California

The City of Sierra Madre set an example for its citizens by replacing City Hall’s irrigation system with a water-efficient drip irrigation system that uses XFS Subsurface Dripline and QF Dripline Header. This city also upgraded their control system for remote and weather-based irrigation control using the IQ Remote Water Management platform. The new landscaping which consists of native grasses and drought-tolerant plants provides an example of how plant selection combined with efficient irrigation can create a beautiful landscape.

Download the City of Sierra Madre Site Report (PDF)

CLC Landscape Renovation Project, Rancho Santa Margarita, California

See how Rain Bird and a coalition of partners and volunteers helped a community church and preschool transform their 30-year-old campus into a model of water-efficiency and sustainable landscaping. Drip irrigation, pressure regulation and intelligent control systems are all working together to provide an expected outdoor water savings of more than 500,000 gallons per year.

Download the CLC Landscape Renovation Project Site Report (PDF)

British International School of Chicago, South Loop

The British International School of Chicago, South Loop has built a new 98,000 square foot state-of-the-art campus, including a 20,000 square foot public roof top park. The park has synthetic turf, shrubs, and trees, as well as walking paths and a dog run for the public to enjoy. XFD Dripline was chosen to irrigate the shrubs and trees, and was installed using the QF Dripline Header. The ESP-SMTe Series Smart Irrigation Control System and weather station was also installed to provide accurate, weather-based control of irrigation schedules.

Download the British International School of Chicago Site Report (PDF)

Austin Shopping Center, Austin, Texas

The property manager of a shopping center located in Austin, Texas, needed to replace an existing booster pump for the irrigation system. ECOSystems Landscape Services chose to install a CLP Series Pump Station because it included everything needed to make the installation fast and easy.  Plus, the CLP's variable frequency drive only runs to produce the amount of pressure needed for each zone's flow demand helping save energy and extend the life of the pump.

Download the Austin Shopping Center Site Report (PDF)

Hacienda Mobile Home Estates, Southern California

Hacienda Mobile Home Estates’ property manager, Haven Management, anticipating both higher water costs and more watering restrictions, chose to replace the property's turf with drought-tolerant plants. To meet all of the property’s  needs — and also lower water usage — ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance installed all three versions of Rain Bird’s dripline products at the property: XFD On-Surface Dripline, XFS Subsurface Dripline and XFCV Dripline with Heavy-Duty Check Valve.

Download the Hacienda Site Report (PDF)

Western Municipal Water District, Southern California

Western Municipal Water District (Western), the water district for Riverside County, Calif., developed a test program designed to demonstrate water savings by converting certain zones of homeowners’ spray irrigation systems to drip irrigation. Western used the 1800-Retro Spray-to-Drip Retrofit Kit and XFD On-Surface Dripline to demonstrate a cost-effective and easy way to for homeowners to change their watering habits. Across all 20 homes, water savings averaged 81.5 percent with an average savings of 238 gallons of water per week, which is almost 12,500 gallons per year.

Download the Western Municipal Site Report (PDF)

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Established in 2004, Dubai Silicon Oasis is a high-tech free zone that offers an integrated living and working community environment for residents and tenants. Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) is wholly owned by the government of Dubai and provides free trade zone incentives and benefits to companies operating within its vast 7.2 square kilometers area. Among DSO’s primary challenges in its journey to sustainability is the task of saving irrigation water in addition to curbing complaints of excess water being sprayed on the hardscapes of the community. In addition to introducing Rain Bird XFS sub surface drip irrigation throughout the project, DSOA took the initiative and introduced several other irrigation water saving devices.

Download the Silicon Oasis Site Report (PDF)

Eugene School District, Oregon

Eugene School District upgraded the communication protocol on their Maxicom2® Central Control system to utilize Internet Protocol (IP) Ethernet and their widearea network. This allowed them to maximize the capacity of existing equipment and save money.

Download the Eugene School District Site Report (PDF)

AAA Landscape, Phoenix, AZ

IQ v2.0 Central Control has made it easy for AAA Landscape to manage three HOAs irrigation systems.  Using IQ with weather stations, AAA updates watering schedules automatically according to weather data helping save programming time, and water for their customers.

Download the AAA Landscape Site Report (PDF)

Benedictine College, Atchison, KS

Benedictine's water manager, Tony Shores, is using IQ v2.0 Central Control to manage the college's irrigation system and water use.  The college is expanding the irrigation system as budget dollars become available and IQ was the perfect budget-friendly solution for modular expansion.

Download the Benedictine College Site Report (PDF)

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Saudi Arabia

Using Maxicom's programming logic, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University was able to control three different pumps which supply the water to the irrigation supply. Maxicom also monitored the fill levels of storage tank and enabled the University to automate the entire process.

Download the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University Site Report (PDF)

Kayseray Railway Project, City of Kayseri, Turkey

The infrastructure of this railway system was designed and constructed to be based on a soil with a very little depth of turf area; so the municipality was looking for a suitable irrigation system to overcome this challenge while providing water savings, wind resistance and flexibility. Rain Bird’s XFS Sub-surface Dripline with Copper Shield Technology™ together with the IQ2 central control system were successfully able to overcome these challenges.

Download the Kayseray Site Report (PDF)

Occidental Tower Corporation, Farmers Branch, TX

Occidental Tower is a 24 story Class A Trophy office building, located across the street from the Dallas Galleria in the job dense, financially successful Platinum Business Corridor of North Dallas. The building began focusing on upgrading their landscaping and irrigation to a more sustainable, drought tolerant and cost saving sytem in early 2013.

Download the Occidental Site Report (PDF)

University of Toronto 

University of Toronto has saved 10 million gallons of water in the two years that the IQ™ v2.0 Central Control system has been operational. Through centralized schedule management U of T has better day-to-day control over the irrigation schedules.

Download the University of Toronto Site Report (PDF)

Paul's Pride Cattle Ranch 

IQ™ v2.0 Central Control has made intelligent water management possible for Paul Blackmer's ranch in Bakersfield, California. Blackmer utilizes IQ's water management features to save time, money and water, and produce a higher quality grass for his cattle.

Download the Paul's Pride Site Report (PDF)

Precision Landscape Management 

IQ™ v2.0 Central Control has allowed Precision Landscape Management to reduce Starwood HOA’s water usage and overall expenses.

Download the Precision Landscape Management Site Report (PDF)

Schreiner University Men's Soccer Field, Kerville TX

Schreiners soccer field was literally a “ground-breaking” project, converting existing overhead rotor irrigation to subsurface drip irrigation across 24 zones using 48,000 LF of drip tubing. Within 30 days it was solid green again and within another 30 days the surface was fully playable.

Download the Schreiner University Site Report (PDF) - English
Download the Schreiner University Site Report (PDF) - Spanish

Yanbu Royal Commission, Saudi Arabia

Yanbu City is located in the Western Providence of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and is one of the largest industrial cities in KSA. It is surrounded by the Red Sea and is about 350 kilometers North of the second largest city - Jeddah. Yanbu City is an ongoing residential development project that involves replacing old irrigation systems with new networks of sub-surface dripline.

Download the Yanbu Site Report (PDF) - English

Download the Yanbu Site Report (PDF) - Arabic

Cobb County School District, Atlanta, Georgia

Two schools in the Cobb County School District in Atlanta, Georgia, were retrofitted with RD1800™ PRS Sprays with Flow-Shield™ Technology with HE-VAN Nozzles, 5000 Plus PRS Rotors, and the Falcon® 6504 Rotor as proof of concept for a larger district-wide water saving initiative. Atlanta’s high water pressure, over 100 psi, makes it an ideal place to install sprays and rotors that regulate water pressure at the individual head.

Download the Cobb County Site Report (PDF)

World-Class Soccer Stadiums, Brazil

Eleven regional soccer stadiums recently constructed to host the largest international soccer tournaments in Brazil will rely on Rain Bird irrigation systems to provide best-in-class system control and precise, uniform irrigation. Rain Bird Brazil’s team of experienced professionals provided designs and specifications, and managed the installation of these systems along with local distributors, contractors and consultants.

Download the Brazil Soccer Stadiums Site Report, English (PDF)

Download the Brazil Soccer Stadiums Site Report, Spanish (PDF)

Australian Capital Territory Upgrades to IQ™ v2.0 Central Control

The Australian Capital Territory has selected IQ™ v2.0 Central Control to replace its existing central control system.  ACT managers chose IQ because of its easy-to-use interface and robust set of water management capabilities.

Download the ACT Site Report (PDF)


Products Designed for Reclaimed Water Help Save Time and Money at LEGOLAND, Carlsbad, CA

The PESB-R valve and the RD1800 spray help LEGOLAND's landscape team manage their time and budget more efficiently because they have eliminated changing out components due to reclaimed water and dirty water conditions.

Download the one-page LEGOLAND Site Report (PDF)

For more information about irrigating with reclaimed water and specific Rain Bird solutions
Download the in-depth LEGOLAND Site Report (PDF)

Dust Control at Mining Operations, Valé Iron Ore Facility, Brazil

Air quality compliance improved 53% after Valé installed the Rain Bird system. Rain Bird products provided a solution that used weather monitoring, centralized control and durable components to successfully control dust at iron ore facility.

Download the one-page Dust Control Site Report (PDF)

Looking for more information about dust control and how specific products met the challenge? Download the in-depth Dust Control Site Report (PDF)

City of Bakersfield (CA) Recreation & Parks Department

The Recreation and Parks Department for Bakersfield, California is responsible for maintaining facilities, parks, streetscapes and arterial roadway medians. The department has grown significantly over the past few years, making it responsible for 60 parks and over 120 miles of streetscapes with a staff of approximately 130 full-time and 30 seasonal employees. Read how Rain Bird® Maxicom®2 Central Control helped them comply with legislation, reduce water consumption and save $215,000.

PDF Download the City of Bakersfield Site Report (PDF)

ET Manager™ Cartridge/Royal Vista Apartments, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Managed by Koetje Communities, Royal Vista’s landscape is large and complex, featuring an irrigation system that includes five Rain Bird® ESP-LXME controllers, each of which manages multiple micro-climates. Because Royal Vista’s large site encompassed so many different micro-climates with varying degrees of sun exposure, soil types and plants, each of the five irrigation controllers required daily adjustments. Learn how Rain Bird’s ET Manager™ Control Cartridge was used to save water by making real-time adjustments to irrigation schedules based on hourly weather information.

PDF Download the Royal Vista Site Report (PDF)

St. Augustine Roadway, Jacksonville, Florida

The St. Augustine Roadway site consisting of 33 spray zones and 2 rotor zones was originally installed with standard Rain Bird VAN nozzles. Duval County instituted a 2-day per week irrigation restriction, approving a 14 hour watering window on Tuesdays and Fridays only. The restrictions made it impossible to irrigate all 35 zones adequately. Read how Flagler Development Group, LLC. was able to reduce run times, improve distribution uniformity and lower consumption costs by retrofitting to the new Rain Bird HE-VAN high efficiency variable arc nozzle.

PDF Download the St. Augustine Roadway Site Report (PDF)

Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, Colorado

Located in the middle of the Mile High City, Denver Botanic Gardens spans 24 acres of landscape featuring thousands of plant species and microclimates present within the state of Colorado. Learn how Devin Riles, irrigation water manager for the Gardens, uses Rain Bird’s SiteControl Central Control System and MI Series Mobile Control to manage landscape lighting, audio programming, holiday lighting, misting systems and emergency mainline master valves for a grand total of 420 stations.

PDF Download the Denver Botanic Gardens Site Report (PDF)

Washington, D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation

The Washington D.C. Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) is responsible for maintaining 115 natural turf athletic fields at 75 different sites. These fields are heavily used by community sports and recreation organizations throughout the metropolitan area. Learn how Rain Bird’s ESP-LXME Modular Controllers and IQ™ v2.0 Central Control System offered DPR the perfect control solution for remote irrigation management without requiring a large, lump sum investment.

PDF Download the Washington DC Dept of Parks and Recreation Site Report (PDF)

Tierra Verde Resources, Inc. (TVRI ) San Diego, California

Tierra Verde Resources, Inc. (TVRI) is a licensed landscape maintenance company in San Diego, California that works exclusively with homeowner associations. One of TVRI’s largest customers is the 4S Ranch Homeowners Association. At 4S Ranch, TVRI is responsible for more than 40 acres of turf, 90 acres of slopes and 30 acres of planter beds. Learn how TVRI uses the combined power of Maxicom2® and an on-site weather station to apply reclaimed water to the 4S Ranch landscapes as efficiently and effectively as possible

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Miami Dade County Public Schools, Miami, Florida

Miami Dade County Public Schools is the fourth largest school district in the nation with over 360 school sites, including 48 senior high schools whose athletic fields are supervised by Dwayne Willis. In an effort to improve the condition of their heavily used athletic fields, the district initially sought to install a water-efficient irrigation system on five of its senior high athletic fields with future plans to update all of their high schools as well as the district’s remaining elementary and middle schools.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

City of Frisco Municipal Parking Structure, Frisco, TX

The City of Frisco, Texas, recently constructed a municipal parking structure with narrow landscape beds to be planted with shrubs and other groundcover. In an effort to conserve water and comply with recent legislation, Rain Bird's XFS subsurface dripline was selected to irrigate these narrow beds.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Four Points by Sheraton and Marina, Tripoli, Libya

Sheraton Four Points Hotel and Resort is a top business and leisure destination in the Middle East consisting of a 308 room hotel and resort center with an accompanying marina. Rain Bird XFS subsurface dripline was chosen to address water conservation efforts and eliminate overspray.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Miramar College, San Diego, CA

As part of a conscious effort to conserve water while maintaining the rich landscape of the college, Miramar College replaced overhead sprays on 4,000 square feet of turf with Rain Bird XFS subsurface dripline.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF) - English
PDF Download the Site Report (PDF) - Arabic

AWS Irrigation Management Inc., Guelph, Canada

AWS Irrigation Management Inc. (AWS) is a team of highly experienced irrigation contractors in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. They provide water management services using the Maxicom2® system. With a current base of 50 customers and 75 controllers, AWS manages the irrigation needs for over 150 acres of property

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Parkhurst Homeowners’ Association, Fullerton, California

The Parkhurst Homeowners’ Association in Fullerton, California oversees an upscale neighborhood of over 350 families. Along with beautiful homes, the neighborhood maintains over 50 acres of green space, including 5-foot wide parkway strips that run between the sidewalks and the street. Rain Bird SQ Series nozzles were added as a retrofit to the association’s existing head-to-head configuration to provide a cost effective watering solution.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Demonstration Garden - Palmdale, California

The City of Palmdale stands committed to The Intelligent Use of Water™ through water-efficient ordinances, sustainable landscape design standards and innovative irrigation maintenance practices. As a symbol of that commitment, the City Council decided to build a Demonstration Garden showcasing the beauty of drought-tolerant landscaping using mostly Rain Bird® products.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Littleton Public Schools - Littleton, Colorado

With a staff of just two irrigation specialists, Littleton Public Schools must water an area of turf that has nearly tripled in the last 15 years. Due to drought concerns, conservation measures have looked to curtail or eliminate landscape irrigation in the Denver area.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

King Abdullah University of Science & Technology - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Still under construction, KAUST is an international, graduate-level research university dedicated to inspiring a new age of scientific achievement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that will benefit the region and world. With the first academic year looming, the project’s numerous contractors and subcontractors needed to effectively coordinate efforts in order to meet a tight Stage One deadline.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Gaylord Palms Resort - Kissimmee, Florida

The 1,406-room Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center is situated on 72 acres in Central Florida. Reminiscent of a grand Florida mansion, the building houses a 4.5-acre, glass-enclosed atrium featuring plant specimens ranging from Cuban royal palms to ferns and grasses typical of the Everglades.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Mountain Equipment Co-op - Burlington, Ontario

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a leading supplier of outdoor gear, clothing and camping equipment. In designing an irrigation system for the company’s Burlington, Ontario site, an extensive project team was charged with reducing potable landscape water use by 100 percent, thus fulfilling LEED® credits for water efficiency.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Infinity Park and Infinity Park South - Glendale, Colorado

A densely populated Denver “inburb,” the Glendale community has a high demand for athletic fields and green spaces. The 5,000-seat Infinity Park represents the first rugby-dedicated municipal stadium in the U.S., while the 12-acre Infinity Park South features synthetic athletic fields and vast recreational space.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Carmel Mountain Ranch - San Diego, California

Situated in suburban San Diego, the Carmel Mountain Ranch Residential Community Association includes nearly 5,000 dwellings ranging from single-family homes to condos to apartments. With the help of 38 irrigation controllers, the association manages a sprawling 54 acres of common areas, featuring turf grass, shrubs, flowers and trees.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Boston Univ. Softball Field - Boston, Massachusetts

Boston University is a private research university located in Boston, Mass. With more than 4,000 faculty members and 31,000 students, Boston University stands as one of the largest private universities in the United States and one of the city’s largest employers.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

Demonstration Garden - Vancouver, British Columbia

Specializing in a coastal environment in the pacific northwest, Coastal Irrigation, Inc., is a recognized leader in low-volume irrigation solutions. With the construction of a new
demonstration garden, the company sought to demonstrate the water-saving ability of the Rain Bird® ET Manager™ Cartridge and drip irrigation system.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)

CityCenter of CityNorth - Phoenix, AZ

A pioneer in sustainable design, CityNorth® is a 144-acre, mixed-use urban development situated in the heart of Phoenix’s Desert Ridge community. From the project’s inception, the development team sought to ensure that environmental responsibility was engineered into all facets of the site, including landscape and irrigation components.

PDF Download the Site Report (PDF)