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Landscape Irrigation Design Manual

This manual was prepared at the request of numerous individuals who either wished to learn the basic techniques of landscape irrigation design or who are teachers of the subject. Intended as a very basic text for irrigation design, this manual proceeds as if the reader has no prior knowledge in the subject. As you use this manual, be sure to review the practical exercises at the end of each section. In some cases, new information and tips, not covered in the previous section, are found in the exercises.

Landscape Irrigation Design Manual (PDF: 3 MB)


XF Series Dripline Design, Installation and Maintenance Guide

This guide covers the basics of design, installation, and maintenance for Rain Bird’s XF Series Dripline including XFD, XFS Subsurface and XFCV with Heavy Duty Check Valve. Included are design steps, technical data, installation layouts and design details to assist in the design of the more common dripline applications.

XF Dripline Design, Installation & Maintenance Guide (PDF: 5.75 MB)


Landscape Drip Application Guide

Landscape Drip Conversion Guide

This 4 page reference shows you the easiest and fastest way to convert a traditional spray zone into a water-efficient low volume irrigation zone. Includes step by step instructions for installing spray-to-drip retrofit kits, along with typical applications for converting narrow planting beds near a structure.

Landscape Drip Conversion Guide (PDF: 1.96 MB)


Landscape Drip Application Guide

Landscape Drip Application Guide: A Practical Guide for Designing and Installing Drip Irrigation Systems

This helpful 68 page guide contains a wealth of useful information to help irrigation professionals save water with efficient drip irrigation systems. It begins with an anatomy of a drip system and an overview of various products used in drip irrigation, then provides a number of practical and common drip irrigation applications, including design approaches, benefits, plan drawings, a detailed list of materials needed, estimates of installation time and tasks, and useful tips to speed up installation and maintenance of drip irrigation systems.

Landscape Drip Application Guide, English (PDF: 17 MB)
Landscape Drip Application Guide, Spanish (PDF: 19 MB)


Extra Durable Drip Irrigation System Design Guide

Rain Bird’s Extra Durable Drip System should be considered for high impact commercial sites where durability, longevity, ease of maintenance and minimal plant failure rate are the top priorities. Using only thick walled flexible pipe, durable spiral barb fittings and pressure compensating, self-flushing emitters, this system will place the right amount of water directly at the plant rootball with minimal risk of environmental damage or vandalism.

Extra Durable Drip System Design Guide (PDF: 26 MB)


Low Volume Irrigation Design Guide

What is the proper way to do drip design? How do you decide when and where to use drip products? How can the maintenance factor associated with drip be significantly reduced or eliminated? This design manual is intended to provide straightforward answers to these questions. It introduces the Xerigation product line and discuss the benefits of its use, then discusses the design approach for a low-volume delivery system and follows up with practical recommendations for installation, ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting..

Low Volume Irrigation Design Guide (PDF: 1,557 KB)


Landscape Dripline Design & Installation Guide

This 18 page guide provides an overview of landscape dripline and its benefits, along with useful tips for site analysis, system design, grid planning and installation.

Landscape Dripline Design & Installation (PDF: 3,412 KB)


Creating Beautiful Landscapes with Drip

This 24 page guide offers valuable information about Drip Irrigation System components and design & installation strategies for outstanding results. To help you make your selection, we’ve pictured different planting schemes in this guide and shown the recommended drip watering devices that should be used.

Creating Beautiful Landscapes Is Easy With Rain Bird Drip Products (PDF: 1,644 KB)