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Field Control Systems

Literature & Manuals

Download the latest tech specs, instruction manuals, replacement parts lists, CAD specification drawings, and other literature for Rain Bird Golf Irrigation products by selecting one of the product families below. Most files have been formatted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for easy downloading and printing.

Integrated Control System (IC Systemâ„¢)
Integrated Control System Brochure
Integrated Control System Tech Specs
IC System Installation Guide
IC System Interface Installation Guide
IC System Operation and Troubleshooting Guide

Desert Mountain Site Report
The Club at Admirals Cove Site Report


IC-IN & IC-OUT Tech Specs, English
IC-IN & IC-OUT Tech Specs, Spanish
IC-IN & IC-OUT Tech Specs, French
IC-IN & IC-OUT Tech Specs, Japanese
IC-IN & IC-OUT Tech Specs, Korean
IC-IN & IC-OUT Tech Specs, Swedish

IC-IN Installation Manual, English
IC-IN Installation Manual, Spanish
IC-IN Installation Manual, French
IC-IN Installation Manual, Japanese
IC-IN Installation Manual, Korean
IC-IN Installation Manual, Swedish

IC-OUT Installation Manual, English
IC-OUT Installation Manual, Spanish
IC-OUT Installation Manual, French
IC-OUT Installation Manual, Japanese
IC-OUT Installation Manual, Korean
IC-OUT Installation Manual, Swedish

 Interactive Guide
Tech Specs
Decoder Brochure
Decoder System Manual
Decoder Technical Reference
Power Wire Sizing Worksheet and Feature Comparison

ESC-1 Operations Manual (PDF: 1.4 MB)
ESC-1 Tech Specs (PDF: 123 KB)
Power Wire Sizing Worksheet and Feature Comparison (PDF: 66 KB)

PAR+ES Controller

 Interactive Guide
PAR+ES Tech Specs
PAR+ES Installation Manual, English
PAR+ES Operations Manual, English
PAR+ES Installation Manual, Spanish
PAR+ES Operations Manual, Spanish
PAR+ES Parts List
Power Wire Sizing Worksheet and Feature Comparison

PAR+ES Decoder Controller

 Interactive Guide
Power Wire Sizing Worksheet and Feature Comparison
Decoder System Manual


MSC+ Installation Manual (PDF: 2 MB)
MSC+ Operations Manual (PDF: 4.4 MB)


PAR+ Installation Manual (PDF: 2 MB)
PAR+ Operations Manual (PDF: 2.9 MB)