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Integrated Control System (IC System™)

Total Control and Revolutionary Diagnostics for Every Rotor and Valve

The Rain Bird® IC System™ connects central control directly to every rotor and valve, providing exceptional course conditions, with unmatched water and energy efficiency. No field controllers, separate decoders, secondary wiring, or unnecessary splices means simplified design, reliable operation, and easy expandability.

The Revolutionary Diagnostics of the IC System allows the golf course to monitor status and proactively resolve issues from anywhere, any time, providing true peace of mind. This exclusive innovation prevents turf damage and saves time.

Timeless Compatibility™

The Timeless Compatibility™ of the IC System allows a golf course to retrofit all Rain Bird valve-in-head rotors manufactured since 1992, as well as benefit from future system enhancements without changing existing hardware. The result is an irrigation system with a lower total cost of ownership.

Real-Time Response

Intelligent two-way communication between the Rain Bird Central Control and each IC rotor and valve allows for automatic, instantaneous adjustments to optimize performance, minimize costs, and provide peace of mind.

Easy To Use

The IC System is both advanced and easy to use. Constant communication makes operation and maintenance easy with total control and revolutionary diagnostics. With 90% less wire and 50% fewer splices, the IC System is simple to install, maintain, and expand, saving time and labor.


Simple to Install

Requires up to 90% less wire than traditional satellite control systems and 50% fewer splices than a traditional decoder system.

Cost Savings

Fewer splices and less wire require less time and effort to install the system.

System Database Management

The Integrated Control Module (ICM) offers tear off bar codes and an easy to use scanner to simplify the creation of the central control system database for quick operation. As soon as the wire path is connected to the computer, you can turn on the sprinklers and valves.

Reliable Control

The IC System is a simple yet sophisticated controller/rotor/valve system built around a new generation of Rain Bird’s proven solenoid and satellite technology. Simplicity results in reliability.

Easier to Design

The IC System is easier to design— only simple calculations are required. It eliminates an array of troublesome considerations—there are no satellite controllers to design around or conceal.

Easier Maintenance

The IC System is capable of intelligent, two–way communication with each and every ICM on the golf course. Almost all troubleshooting can be managed through intuitive diagnostics built into the central control software. The learning curve for maintenance is minimal.

Course technicians can easily accomplish most maintenance tasks. The ICM is easily removed and can be replaced if necessary.


The IC System is designed to always turn off if problems occur. When the wire path is damaged or cut, or if central control communication is lost, the ICM is designed to turn off automatically.

True “Below 30 Volt Control System”

As the IC System wire path output is 28 Volts, the IC System is a “true less than 30 Volt control system.” A lower than 30 Volt system is considered a low voltage system and is typically not subjected to code requirements regarding deep burial of the wire path.

Below Ground Control

Since the ICM is built right into the rotor or valve, the entire control system is below ground. Unlike field controller systems, the below ground system offers protection against damage from vandalism, flooding and insects.

Golf Course Aesthetics

Since the IC System control is designed to be entirely below ground, the golf course vistas are clear of irrigation components as envisioned by the golf course designer.

The IC System allows the full benefits of Rain Bird central control systems including: ET-based scheduling, customized course graphics, multiple mapping options, and the ability to “see” the placement and operation of individual rotors.

Central Control “Smart Features”

With the IC Series System, you have the ability to utilize all of Rain Bird’s central control “Smart Features” including: Rain Watch, Minimum ET,™ Smart Weather,™ Smart Pump,™ and Superior Monitoring of system operation.

System Capacity*

  • 750 ICMs per Output Wire Path, 1500 ICMs per Output Driver Board, 3000 ICMs per IC Interface (ICI), up to 36,000 ICMs with Cirrus.
    * Specific System Capacity is dependent on the Central Control System ICI

Electrical Input

  • 100 VAC Nominal 91-110 VAC @ 60 HZ +/- 2 HZ,115 VAC Nominal 98-132 VAC, 220-240 VAC Nominal 208-255 VAC

Electrical Output

  • 26.5 VAC, 1.25 AMP Per Wire Path

Active Stations

  • No electrical limit — only limited by hydraulics of pipe network and size of pump station.

ICM Current Requirements

  • Varies based on wire path length — Nominal Current Draw is 0.33 mA on 5000 feet (1500 meters) of wire.

Grounding Requirements

  • ICSD to be grounded at less than 50 Ohms every 500 feet (150 meters) or 15 ICMs whichever is less. The Central Control is to be grounded with less than 10Ohms of resistance.


  • CE, FCC


  • Working Range: 32° F to 122° F (0° C to 50° C)
  • Storage Temperature: -40° F to 150° F (-40° C to 65° C)
  • Operating and Storage Humidity: 100%


  • ICM: 2.23" x 1.70" (57 mm x 43 mm)
  • ICSD: 2.00" x 1.41" (51 mm x 43 mm)


  • Rain Bird EAGLE™ 500, 700 and 900 Series Rotors** and Rain Bird PES-B, PEB, PGA, EFB, and BPE Electric Valves with ICM Adapter.
    ** Note EAGLE Rotors sold before 6/2009 will have a random orientation of the ICM relative to the Selector Housing.

Maximum Wire Paths

  • 2 Outputs per IC Driver Board and Up to 4 total per ICI and Multiple Branches Per Wire Path.