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New Report Examines Principles Of Overhead Frost Protection In Vineyards

Special Report Released By Rain Bird’s Agricultural Division Focuses On Key Requirements And Methods For Using Overhead Sprinklers As An Effective Method For Protecting Vineyards From Frost Damage

AZUSA, CALIF. - (Dec 1, 2011) – Rain Bird announced today the release of an agricultural industry report examining performance requirements to consider when selecting equipment for optimal frost protection with overhead sprinklers. Titled Vineyard Frost Protection, the report presents basic principles of over­head frost protection, sprinkler performance requirements, and comparisons in sprinkler design, components and materials to best meet those requirements. The report also includes a breakdown of the three most widely used types of sprinklers for overhead frost protection: plastic hybrid impact sprinklers, plastic rotating sprinklers and brass impact sprinklers.

Acknowledging the growing need for water conservation and ideal equipment use when maintaining agricultural output, the report focuses on the use of overhead sprinklers as an economical and pollution-free method for frost protection of vineyard vegetation. The report also differentiates between types of environmental frost, the principles of frost protection, sprinkler design comparison, and the components and materials to best meet agricultural maintenance needs when considering the advantages and disadvantages of sprinkler performance.

“Rain Bird has a rich history of serving the agricultural community, and we view this report as a key advisory tool to assist agricultural producers and vineyard managers in making informed decisions on proper selection and utilization of overhead sprinklers as a frost protection strategy,” said Jim Patrick, Marketing Manager for Rain Bird’s Agricultural Division. “Selecting the right frost protection method is a critical decision that takes numerous factors into account such as frost severity, crop sensitivity and climate conditions.  More and more vineyard managers are finding that the use of overhead sprinklers as a frost protection tool is a cost-efficient and sustainable solution when water supply is sufficient and weather conditions allow for uniform distribution.”

The Vineyard Frost Protection report also considers the advantages and disadvantages of design, components and materials of each type of sprinkler (plastic hybrid impact sprinklers, plastic rotating sprinklers and brass impact sprinklers) as well as performance requirements including Fast and Consistent Rotation, High Uniformity and Reliable Cold Temperature Operation. Each requirement is supported by applied research, tables, images, and feature comparisons for comprehensive explanation.

The Vineyard Frost Protection report is publicly available as a free downloadable PDF by visiting

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