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Updated version of original TBOS controller offers advanced water management features and backwards compatibility

TUCSON, AZ (March 5, 2013) —Over the years, battery-operated controllers have proven themselves as a solid alternative for irrigation control at sites where AC power simply isn’t a viable option. However, many of these controllers lacked the advanced features that commercial sites need today. As a result, Rain Bird is introducing the TBOS-II™, an updated, feature-packed version of the company’s original TBOS battery-operated controller.

“Water management is a bigger concern for contractors, landscape architects, specifiers and commercial end users than ever before,” said Rengan Rajendran, product manager for Rain Bird’s commercial controllers. “With the TBOS-II, we’re able to offer those professionals a battery-operated controller with features that can help them address those issues on sites where no power is available or it’s too expensive or logistically difficult to provide power, like street medians, roadway landscapes or construction sites.”

Rain Bird’s TBOS-II consists of a redesigned, user-friendly handheld field transmitter with a Spanish language option and a battery-operated controller in one-, two-, four- and six-station models. While the original TBOS offered basic commercial control features, the TBOS-II adds a number of valuable new features to the mix. Advanced programming allows professionals to maximize water efficiency and create highly-specific programs that reduce the number of ongoing trips and scheduling adjustments. “Seasonal Adjust” saves both time and water by automatically adjusting station run times each month. The “Contractor Default™” program allows contractors to create a customized default program that can be automatically restored at any time. “Program Templates” help contractors and irrigation managers create watering schedules that can be easily transferred to new controllers as they’re installed. Two automatic tests—“Review All Programs” and “Test All Valves”—make it simple to determine if the system is programmed and wired correctly, while the “Naming Stations” feature allows for easy identification of valves and their functions. For those stations that need extra water pressure, “Master Valve” provides extra support for stations that require a backup to minimize water leaks or need extra water pressure.

“When you add up the advanced features and enhanced usability, the TBOS-II truly outshines the competition,” Rajendran said. “Rain Bird was one of the first companies to offer this type of battery-controlled system. Now, as the only battery-operated controller on the market today that offers advanced commercial-level control, the TBOS-II demonstrates that same innovative spirit.”

Whether used on a new installation or as an upgrade to an existing system, Rain Bird’s TBOS-II battery-operated controller gives irrigation professionals the commercial-level features they need to help more sites save money and water. For more information about the TBOS-II, visit, contact your local Rain Bird distributor or call 1-800-RAIN BIRD.


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