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Smart Approved WaterMark™

It wasn't too long ago that Australia was in the grip of its worst drought on record. Drought in Australia is part of an inevitable cycle.

A recent report by the Water Services Association of Australia found that after a decade of punishing drought, authorities in all of Australia's mainland capital cities will need to find new sources of water in the next five to 10 years.

As a result, four Australian agencies with an interest in responsible water management developed the Smart Approved WaterMark certification program. The program’s goal is to guide homeowners, municipalities, contractors and commercial users of irrigation to choose products providing the highest level of water efficiency.

While the Smart Approved WaterMark program is based in Australia, its certification process has global implications. By choosing those products certified by the Smart Approved WaterMark program, people around the globe can do their part to help ensure that irrigation water is used in the most efficient and responsible manner possible.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Australia start the Smart Approved WaterMark certification program?
The Smart Approved WaterMark certification program started as a way for consumers to easily identify products and services which use less water. Australia is experiencing water rationing and conservation due to severe drought conditions.

How does the certification program work?
Companies submit products to an independent testing entity.  An application fee is charged for each submitted product The independent Smart Approved WaterMark Technical Expert Panel reviews the independently generated testing data per the following criteria:

  • Water Savings… the primary purpose of the product is directly related to reducing actual water use and/or using water more efficiently; where there is a direct correlation between the use of the product and water savings.

  • Fit for Purpose… the use of the product or service is consistent with supplied instructions and other documentation.

  • Meets Regulations and Standards… the product or service is high quality and meets industry standards and customer/community expectations related to water use.

  • Environmentally sustainable… the product or service – while satisfying the above three criteria – is environmentally sustainable; and despite claimed water savings, will not adversely affect the environment in other areas i.e. greenhouse gas emissions, waste disposal etc.

If the submitted product or service is approved, the company pays a licensing fee and is allowed to use the Smart Approved WaterMark certification logo for two years. If the application is rejected, the product may not be resubmitted. Challenges to the independent Smart Approved WaterMark Technical Expert Panel’s rulings are arbitrated by the Amart Approved WaterMark Steering Committee.

Why did Rain Bird decide to participate in this program?
Rain Bird has led the industry with its commitment to the effective, efficient and responsible use of water. As part of its Intelligent Use of WaterTM focus, Rain Bird makes it a priority to develop products that make the best possible use of water. Submitting the 5000 PRS Rotor for rigorous independent testing reaffirms Rain Birds commitment to the highest industry standards.

What makes Rain Bird’s 5000 PRS Rotor stand out above its competition?
The Rain Bird PRS Rotor provides the most efficient water delivery in a variety of sizes, 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch and 12-inch, as well as shrub and stainless steel. It is the highest quality rotor on the market that also saves more water.

What are the environmental advantages of Rain Bird’s PRS Rotor?
Independent tests run during the Smart Approved WaterMark certification process for the 5000 PRS Rotor determined that it is 15 to 45 percent more efficient than other rotors on the market. Rain Bird’s 5000 PRS Rotor with Rain Curtain™ nozzle technology is  the most water efficient irrigation rotor on the market.providing greener grass with less water.

Why should contractors take note of the 5000 PRS Rotor’s certification?
This shows independent tests validate Rain Bird’s superior rotor performance.

What types of products and services can receive this labeling?
Products that can reduce  water use can be submitted for consideration. Categories of products include gardening, watering, pools and spas, household plumbing, gray water systems, cleaning supplies, cleaners (such as high-powered washers), car washes and rainwater collection. Approved services can include water recycling from pools and spas, car washing and training or communication about water efficient techniques in gardening, household plumbing and watering.

Will Rain Bird be submitting any other products for certification in the future?
In addition to the 5000 PRS Rotor, Rain Bird’s Rotary Nozzles, Maxicom2®  central control, and Rain Sensor Device have also been certified by Smart Approved WaterMark. Rain Bird continues to submit other water-saving products for independent testing and certification.

Where can I find out more information?
Information about the Smart Approved WaterMark program is on the organization’s website at