Games, Trivia and Water Conservation Activities

Smart Irrigation Month Coloring/Activity Book

Download the Smart Irrigation Month coloring book (PDF: 2.2 MB) filled with simple water saving tips and fun games for kids.




The Intelligent Use of Waterâ„¢ Word Search Game:

See if you can find all of the words we've hidden in our challenging Word Search Game.


The Stormwater Runoff Crossword Challenge

Put your crossword skills to the test in our Crossword Challenge.



Interesting Water Facts:

  • A minimum of 20.5 gallons of water daily per person is required to sustain life, hygiene and food production. Each person uses 50 gallons (189 liters) on average per day.
  • The national average cost for water is $0.25 per day.
  • A person can live for a month without food, but only about a week without water.

Here are some comparisons to show how much water you can save in your daily activities.

Activity Conventional Use (gallons) Water-Conserving Use (gallons)
Brushing Teeth 2 or more gallons 0.25 gallons or less (tap off, use glass)
Shaving 20 gallons 1 gallon or less (fill sink)
Showering 50 gallons (conventional showerhead, 10-minutes) 12.5 gallons (water-saving showerhead, 5 minutes)
Washing dishes by hand 30 gallons (tap running) 5 gallons (fill sink)
Using a dishwasher 16 gallons (partial load, full or pot-scrubber cycle) 9 gallons (light or short cycle, full load)
Washing clothes 35 gallons/load (highest water level, partial load) 25 gallons/load (lowest water level adjusted to size of load)