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Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition

Saving Water, Frame by Frame

For five years, Rain Bird's Intelligent Use of Water Film Competition invited amateur and experienced filmmakers from around the world to submit short films that showcased their creative filmmaking talents while raising awareness of the need for effective, efficient and responsible use of water.

We received hundreds of narrative, documentary, animated, experimental and/or student-made short films, 1 to 10 minutes in length, that creatively explored methods and ideas to responsibly manage and use Earth’s most precious resource.

Films were screened by a judging panel and finalists were selected each year. Finalists were flown to Los Angeles, where they were guests at a formal screening event hosted by wildlife expert, Jack Hanna, 30-year veteran of documentary films and TV shows.

“Our entire existence is dependent on water being readily available. As a person who has spent a better part of my life traveling the world, I have witnessed the devastating affects that changes in water availability has on the communities, cities, countries, and ecosystems,” said Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio, and host of Into The Wild. "It was a tremendous thrill to be able to join Rain Bird and the creative filmmakers to drive awareness of the importance of responsible water use and can’t think of a better medium than film to teach and encourage us all to get smarter about our water consumption.”

Films from the competition are now available for viewing on our YouTube channel.

Visit Rain Bird’s Facebook page to share thoughts and ideas with other filmmakers.