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Turf Irrigation Training Classes

Introduction to Irrigation and Installation

So, you’re new to the irrigation industry or you have never had an opportunity to get your hands on any product, now is your chance. In this introductory course you will learn the basics of irrigation installation.

Topics that will be covered: Introduction to irrigation, product identification and terminology, basic design procedures, techniques in installation and set-up, troubleshooting and maintenance of newly installed systems.

Irrigation Design

Prerequisite: possess a working knowledge of basic hydraulics.
The key to the popularity of this course is its “practice what you learn” approach. Throughout the day, there are opportunities to perform practical exercises in residential design. Gain and reinforce the following concepts:

  • Hydraulics
  • Determining irrigation requirements
  • Sizing pipes/valves
  • Site location of controllers
  • Selecting sprinklers and spacing ranges
  • Proper layout of valves
  • Calculating system pressure requirements
  • Preparing a final irrigation plan.

Irrigation Training Camp (ITC) 

Electrical Troubleshooting
Even the most challenging electrical problems won’t hold you back after this! You’ll learn the best methods for efficiently testing and isolating wire faults, bad solenoids and controller problems using a multimeter. Learn tips on time-saving field troubleshooting techniques and procedures.

Controller Programming and Troubleshooting
Discover everything you need to know about the basics of solid-state controllers in this introductory session. Understand the basic concepts of effective and efficient irrigation programming. You’ll learn how to efficiently locate, troubleshoot and repair problems.

Surge Protection & Grounding
You will be shown how effective surge protection tied into a proper grounding system can reduce the potential of costly damage to your electrical system. Learn the techniques used to achieve effective grounding.

Wire Tracing
With the right tools and a little experience, troubleshooting electrical problems in today’s automatic irrigation systems does not have to be a frustrating or time-consuming challenge. Successful troubleshooting begins by knowing what tools are available and how to most effectively use them to locate components and potential problems.

Spray Head, Rotor and Valve Troubleshooting
This practical, hands-on class is a must for maximizing the day-to-day efficiency and long-term reliability of your customers’ systems. You’ll learn the most effective ways to troubleshoot spray heads, rotors and impacts and perform a thorough examination of valve operations. You will be given insights from leading experts on how to identify and overcome existing and potential problems to ensure peak performance. By understanding the available features, you will gain confidence that you are selecting the best components for the right situations.

Basic Hydraulics and Design Principles
Make sure each irrigation system you design is technically accurate and professionally planned to deliver peak performance. In this half-day course, professionals walk you through the entire irrigation system design process, from basic hydraulics to calculating system requirements. You’ll learn inside tips on sprinkler layout, calculating precipitation rates and irrigation scheduling. Practical advice will help you select the best products.

Certification Quizzes
Mandatory for ASC Basic Certification 
Put your knowledge to the test! These comprehensive, open-book quizzes ensure those who receive ASC certification from Rain Bird have the education and technical experience to provide exceptional irrigation systems support.