Eden Park (NZ)

Sports Fields & Golf Clubs Site Report

Project Facts

New Zealand’s premier rugby ground on the North Island in Auckland. The ground was completely resurfaced using a sand profile base, ideal for drainage but very harsh on pop-up rotors and irrigation valves. It was also imperative that the ground had near perfect water distribution to cope with the sand profile.

For the above reason, the 7005 rotor was chosen for its robustness and use of Rain Curtain nozzles. Rain Bird PEB heavy-duty valves (with PRS modules) were also chosen. At the heart of the system is the Rain Bird SiteControl system giving the ultimate in PC operated central control.

Key Products used

  • SiteControl Central Control System (Decoder version)
  • 7005 Rotors
  • PEB-PRS valves


  • Northern Irrigation


  • RainLink Australia