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Eagle Farm Racecourse (Qld)

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It now takes Bill Shuck, course superintendent at the historic Eagle Farm Racecourse in Ascot, Queensland around half the time it used to water the 14 hectares of track, lawns and paddocks under his control.

“Since we had the Rain Bird system installed in April 2003, the watering time has been cut dramatically, and the site control system is really easy to use – even for a computer novice like me. There’s a graphic overlay of the race course showing actual sprinkler and zone locations, so it’s really easy to identify,” says Bill. “The back-up service has been great too; our local Rain Bird Australia rep, Troy Barbour, is always on hand and has been very helpful.”

The specially designed Rain Bird Site Control irrigation system at Eagle Farm comprises two separate pump stations which are interconnected. Each one provides a maximum capacity of 14 litres per second to 104 stations each with four rotors. Rain Bird pressure regulating valves were installed and Bill claims he hasn’t had a burst pipe since the system was put in.

“Eagle Farm is known as a good even track. It’s a regular 2,027 metre oval with no sharp turns. Having the control over the going that the Rain Bird system gives me will only make it better still. I can’t praise Rain Bird enough,” says Bill Shuck.

Sounds like the installation at Eagle Farm is a winner!

Site Details

  • Site Name: Eagle Farm Race Course
  • Site Address: Lancaster Road. Ascot, Brisbane Qld 4007
  • Course Superintendent: William Shuck

Installation Details

  • Installed: April 2003
  • Site Control
  • Decoder System ( 100 )
  • Freedom System
  • Storm Watch
  • PGA Control Valves
  • Contractor: Wayne Davis / Ken Parker: Flo-Elect International

The Rain Bird Site Control system includes a graphic overlay of the race course showing actual sprinkler and zone locations.