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Surfer’s Paradise Golf Course, QLD

Surfers Paradise Golf Club choose Rain Bird® IC Systemtechnology. This system makes the most of limited water supplies and ensures the course is always at its best.


Surfers Paradise Golf Club engaged Broadwater Consultants in late 2011 to undertake a full design and documentation of a complete upgrade of the existing irrigation system. This included all 18 holes, practice facilities and a brand new pumping, filtration, fertigation and injection system. The brief was to oversee the entire project from design and installation to commissioning and final hand-over.


Surfers Paradise is a relatively short, very flat, sandy soil course so installation was relatively easy. However, the weather in the second half of the project installation became a major issue, with 1,142mm of rain fall. This made trenching, irrigation installation and re-laying turf very difficult. Nevertheless, the skills of the contractors - Turf Irrigation Services - and the high quality Rain Bird® parts used in the installation resulted in a 100% testing success with every single sprinkler worked perfectly out in the field. The course and its management required many difficult goals to be meet. These work exceeded by Rain Bird®, some of which we have listed below:

  • Only one hole could be closed at any given time. The club did not lose a day’s play during the course of construction.
  • All trenching within fairways and around greens must have the turf lifted and replaced to enable the course to repair itself as quickly as possible.
  • The existing irrigation system was to be kept operational during construction to allow continued watering by ground staff.
  •  The pumping system was designed to suit recycled water as the primary source of irrigation water i.e. stainless steel components, automatic self-flushing filter, fertigation and injection system.
  • That provision made for an upgraded potable supply to drinking fountains and maintenance facilities.
  • The provision of 240V AC conduit to the course for the possible addition of lighting for night golf.


The solution was simply to install a Rain Bird Integrated Control Technology™ - or IC - System™. Surfers Paradise uses a Stratus 2™ computer which is the perfect match for the IC System™. Together they form an extremely cost effective and user-friendly combination which makes it easy to train staff members who are not yet familiar with integrated control technology.

Broadwater Consultants oversaw the tendering and installation process. Their experience, feedback and advice allowed for a successful outcome for the club and committee as they could make decisions during tendering and construction.

Issues that arose during construction were immediately discussed, reviewed and resolved. The strong working relationship between the committee, Broadwater, Rain Bird® and the contractor, Turf Irrigation Services, ensured quick and timely issue resolution. All discussions prior to and during construction involved the Course Superintendent Duncan Lamont whose input was critical to ensuring the system meet the clubs needs.


This revolutionary golf course irrigation system places all the control components underground so it is easier to install. It does away with control boxes, satellite controllers and decoders, uses far less copper wire than a conventional system, reduces maintenance time – and it costs less too.

Because the system effectively eliminates control boxes, which are filled with complex componentry and bundles of wire, a saving in copper wire of up to 90% can be made by adopting the IC System™.

The IC System™ also exceeds current industry standards for reliability, safety and performance. With most components located underground there is far less chance of damage caused by vandals, bad weather or above-ground pests. It also means maximum protection from electrical surges and lightening. Since control is built in to the rotor or valve, the IC System™ requires up to 50% fewer splice points which further reduces the potential for failure.


The Surfers Paradise Golf Club now has a state-of-the-art Rain Bird ‘IC’ System™ complete with Smart Pump capabilities that will enable them to get the most out of the limited water supply available and provide the superintendent with a valuable tool to ensure his course is always at its best.

“Now that our new Rain Bird IC system™ is fully installed it works incredibly,” said Course Superintendent Duncan Lamont. “The coverage we get on our greens is fantastic with no more dry patches in the summer. Each sprinkler throws past head to head and our fairway coverage is amazing with water being thrown into the roughs at the side of each fairway. I am very happy I chose the new Rain Bird IC system™.”