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Subiaco Redevelopment (WA)

Landscaped Areas & Parklands Site Report

Project Facts

Intricate Streetscape/Landscape areas, including road verges, inner city parks and picture landscapes. The area required a diverse range of irrigation sprinklers and nozzles.

The 1800 series sprays were chosen for their reliability and wide range of MPR nozzles. Rain Bird rotors were chosen for their Rain Curtain™ Technology and flexible range of nozzle performance.

Key Products Used

  • 1800 Series Pop-Up Sprays
  • Falcon 6504 and 5004 Series Rotors
  • PGA Solenoid Valves with PRS Modules
  • ESP Satellite Controllers
  • Maxicom 2 Central Control


  • N/A


  • CADsult Irrigation Consultants