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Tea Tree Gully Civic Centre (SA)

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Project Facts

Major landscape development surrounding the new TTG Civic centre. A high profile area that needed efficient water control and at the same time use robust vandal proof sprinklers.

The 7005 SS rotors were chosen for their robustness and use of Rain Curtain nozzles for high uniformity. PEB valves with PRS modules were also used to accurately control pressure at the sprinklers thus saving water. The system is control by ESP MC controller so that the system can be upgraded to Maxicom 2 once established.

Key Products Used

  • 7005 Stainless Steel rotors
  • ESP-Site Sat controller
  • PEB valves
  • PRS valve module
  • Rain Bird electronic flow meters.


  • Terrain Services


  • Aquatek Irrigation Consultants