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Redcliffe City Council (Qld)

Council Systems Site Report

Project Facts

The Council had a strong desire to set up an efficient water management system for its irrigated areas. Main Irrigation areas consist of sports fields, foreshore areas and botanical gardens.

They achieved their goals by using Rain Bird Rain Curtain™ Technology on all of their rotors, using MPR nozzles with the 1800 series sprays and centrally controlling the entire system using Maxicom 2 (via radio).

Key Products Used

  • Maxicom 2 Central Control
  • ESP Satellite controllers
  • Freedom System Remote Control
  • Falcon 6504, 5004 & 3504 Rotors
  • PGA Solenoid Valves
  • 1800 Series Spray Heads


  • WaterForce Irrigation


  • Commercial Irrigation Consultants