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Lightning Surge Protection and Rewiring Save Irrigation Equipment

When it comes to lightning strikes and the damage they cause to controller systems, Adrian van Boven has seen it all. Adrian is assistant General Manager of Hinkler Park Macadamia Plantation, Bundaberg, Queensland.

"Bundaberg receives its fair share of electrical storms and each summer, we have strikes on pump sheds, power poles and/or strikes in the field. Sometimes we are lucky – there is only minor damage but large strikes can and do burn out wires buried in the ground, not to mention the damage to the controller itself,” says Adrian.

“When we were looking to rewire a damaged farm several years ago, we looked at control options that would better cope with lightning strikes and be easy to install. In the past, we used ‘multi-wire irrigation control systems on our farms. This time we settled on the Rain Bird system where we had to run only one cable around the farm, the system had good ‘range’ and a surge protection system built into it.

Adrian adds, “Since installation, we have had direct hits on pump sheds and field solenoids; both times the only damage was to the Lightning Surge Protection with the controller and wiring coming through unscathed. Hinkler Park Plantations has now rewired 4 farms with the Rain Bird system which continues to be the best irrigation control option that exists for us on the market today.”

Aerial view of Oakwood orchard, Bundaberg.