Coopers Brewery

Agricultural & Farming Site Report

The Coopers Brewery has, since its early history, been surrounded by beautiful grounds in the prestigious Eastern suburbs of Adelaide. When the company relocated the main brewing operations to its South Road site, the tradition continued

The site is surrounded by acres of manicured turf and stunning, if newly established, feature tree plantings and garden beds. Although the site looked terrific, the southern side was a disused site that Coopers have only recently been able to purchase.

The opportunity to complete the grounds of the new Coopers Brewery on the corner of South & Regency Road had arrived and the tradition of a world class brewery fully surrounded by beautiful grounds could again be realised.

Coopers had several considerations, not the least being excess mega litres of waste R/O (reverse osmosis) water that was being vented from the site.

The grounds were being watered from mains water at considerable cost, leading to a fantastic water conserving opportunity, particularly considering the very high quality of the water being piped from the site.

Coopers also took an innovative approach to the southern grounds, designing a 3-hole golf course into the landscape and creating a fantastic tool for internal and corporate functions.

This innovative use of recycled water not only saved the company a significant amount of mains water (and cost), but allowed it to establish beautiful landscaped grounds.

The site utilised local contractors Greene Eden and Hugall & Hoile to install the golf course irrigation and integrate the R/O and control systems with existing infrastructure. A Rain Bird Site Control system with weather station was installed - the new roof mount model WS-PRO-LT, with an automatic rain gauge and flow sensor

Technical support was provided by Rain Bird Australia’s team of experts who had to balance the watering needs of the different areas in the grounds with the quantities of R/O water available.

This is a great example of industry best practice. Beautiful grounds are a big corporate asset and are even better when made possible with waste water that you could be paying to get rid of. Truly The Intelligent Use Of Water™.