Conondale Dairy

Agricultural & Farming Site Report

Fact: There are about 13,000 dairy farms in Australia, each with an average 161 cows. Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF) President Mr Burgess has quoted that, ‘60% of milk production in 2003/04 came from farms with some irrigation. Furthermore, 43% of milk was produced from farms that irrigated more than 20% of their land in 2003/04.’

Recently, Lucas & Mandy Kennedy from Conondale (behind Queensland’s Sunshine Coast), commissioned Superior Irrigation from Gatton to design and construct 62 acres of solid set on their farm.

The project was particularly challenging with the undulation over the site from a hydraulic point of view & the designing of an automated system with the capability of expansion in the future.

Allan Mc Lucas (Certified Irrigation Designer) and co-owner of a newly created business in Gatton designed a block sprinkler system using the Rain Bird 14070H impact sprinkler. ‘They have the performance of a 1” impact sprinkler, but are in fact a 3/4” impact with a 1/2” impact price’ Alan was quoted as saying. The spacing of the Rain Bird 14070H impact sprinklers is 24m x 18m producing CU’s and DU’s well over 80%.

The control system used was the Rain Bird MDC controller which uses field decoders and a single two wire path to connect the 23 valves in the system. The controller has the capability of controlling a total of up to 200 valves in the future.

This type of system is becoming very popular in Ag projects to accommodate system expansion using the existing cable. Also in the past, these types of systems have been susceptible to lighting strikes; however with the advent of the Rain Bird lighting protection equipment, this risk is drastically reduced.

Allan and co-owner Terry McLucas opened their business at Gatton in August 2003 specialising in the large agricultural market around the Lockyer Valley. Allan said: ‘Superior Irrigation Services strive to provide our customers with value for money products and services through a professional design process with consideration given to ongoing costs as well as initial purchase price.’ 

RBA is pleased to be supporting them in their new venture.