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Technical Services

Rain Bird Australia is committed to providing the best service to our customers and that includes product and technical support. Our Technical Support operation is an authorised Rain Bird Service Centre offering expert product advice and solutions to irrigation problems across Australia. It is complemented by a network of fully-trained Accredited Central Contractors.

Rain Bird Services Overview

When you purchase a Rain Bird Central Control Irrigation System, you immediately reap the benefits of Rain Bird’s industryleading customer support. A Technical Support technician will set up and commission the system - we call this Certified Start Up: install the software, test it, show you how it works and provide training.

Included with your purchase is a Global Service Plan (GSP) which will support you and your system long into the future.

Should you require technical help, product support, trouble shooting, electronic and controller repairs or Board Exchange Program on golf and turf Central Control products, please call our Team:

  • For all Service Enquiries: Freecall 1800 225 512
  • Global Service Plan (GSP) phone support: Phone 1800 225 512
  • General Enquiries: info@rainbird.com.au


Weather Station Service Promotion

GSP X Factor Promotion


Technical Services
1 Year or 3 year GSP
(Global Service Plan)
Certified Start Up
Onsite Commissioning
Advanced Training

Hardware Repairs

Advanced Set Up Radio Survey
Map Set Up GPS Site Survey
Utility Module Set Up System Audits
On-site Service Wiring Layout and Design Advice
Pump Station Service and/or Audit Troubleshooting
Weather Station Service Water Use and Cost Assessment
Board Exchange Program Water Analysis and Evaluation