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GSP (Global Service Plan)

Whether you operate a state-of-the-art Rain Bird Maxicom2, the dynamic map-based Site Control, the MDC Two-Wire Decoder System or the new IQ Series Controller, you will have peace of mind. You can rest assured that you have chosen some of the smartest, most user-friendly irrigation control systems in the world and that they are backed by Rain Bird Australia’s Global Service Plan and our fully-trained Rain Bird Australia technicians.

It’s good to know that when you install Rain Bird, you also Install Confidence™, reliability and total reassurance. Rain Bird Australia Global Service Plan* features:

  • Toll Free Call Support. Our Technical Support team is just a free phone call away (9am - 5pm EST) to help with any technical issues that you might have.
  • Remote Diagnosis. Our technicians can – with your permission – access your Central Control System from their computer to resolve certain problems to put you back in operation quickly.
  • 48-Hour** Response. To ensure minimal downtime, a Technical Support Specialist will respond within 48 hours for issues that cannot be dealt with on the phone or by remote diagnosis.
  • Extended Warranty. Covers your Central Control System’s hardware, software, peripherals and interface.
  • 48-Hour Hardware Replacement. If any components become inoperable, a loan replacement will be there within 48 hours.
  • Disc Backup Hardware. Allows you to protect valuable databases and hard drive files. Software Service Packs. Update to the latest central control service packs at no extra cost!
  • Software Upgrade Discounts. Reduce the cost of future software upgrades.
  • GSP Software Enhancements. Free periodic enhancements for GSP subscribers.
  • Annual Tune-Up. A Technical Support Specialist will analyse your system and perform any necessary maintenance once a year.

It all adds up to a Central Control System that provides maximum efficiency, The Intelligent Use of Water™ and no worries!

Rain Bird Golf GSP

Rain Bird GSP IQ Cloud Desktop

Rain Bird GSP SiteControl

* Global Service Plan standard costs, terms and conditions apply. Please refer to Global Service Plan product brochures for specific details.

** Surcharges may apply.