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Residential and Commercial Irrigation

Solutions for homes, parks, councils, shires, sports fields,  commercial centers, schools and universities.

You have the freedom to choose what irrigation products to install or specify. With this freedom comes a certain level of responsibility to yourself and to the customers whose trust you are committed to earn.

This responsibility extends to choosing only those products that perform as promised. Products that measure up to your high standards today -- and will continue to exceed customer expectations long into the future.

For more information about Rain Bird Turf Irrigation Products, please contact your Rain Bird Australia Turf Specialist. Or take a look at our Water Conservation Tips for Turf Irrigation Professionals.

NEW! Rain Bird WPX Battery-Operated Controllers

Get reliable automatic irrigation control when you don’t have AC power with the WPX Series Battery-Operated Controller. The WPX’s waterproof case and dual-sealed battery chamber ensure long life even when installed in a wet, muddy valve box.  In harsh environment testing the WPX outlasted the competition by 70%.  After being submerged in water at alternating extreme hot and cold temperatures the WPX was still going strong after the competition failed in less than two days.

Learn more about the WPX

Rain Bird R-VAN Variable Arc Rotary Nozzles

Rain Bird® R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles provide water efficiency and design flexibility. R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles feature rotating stream technology which uniformly delivers water at a low precipitation rate, significantly reducing runoff and erosion. Nozzle spray pattern and distance are easily adjusted by hand with no tools required, so you can toss your no-longer-needed adjustment tool.

Click here to learn more about R-VAN.

Rain Bird Site Control

A Full-Featured State-of-the-Art Commercial Central Control System for Single Site Applications

SiteControl is an easy to use, interactive central control system for landscape. It allows you to control your irrigation system with more precision than ever before using satellites via a 2-wire path or wireless communication (LINK) and/or decoders via a 2-wire path.

This multi-management central control system for single site applications uses a Microsoft® Windows® environment with advanced graphics and 32-bit architecture. Click here for details.

Download the complete Rain Bird 2017 Turf Catalog

Download product specifications and technical details for all of Rain Bird's latest products.

2017 Landscape Irrigation Products Catalog

For detailed information on Rain Bird Landscape Irrigation products, please visit the Rain Bird Corporation US Website.