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A Full-Featured State-of-the-Art Commercial Central Control System for Single Site Applications

SiteControl is an easy to use, interactive central control system for landscape. It allows you to control your irrigation system with more precision than ever before using satellites via a 2-wire path or wireless communication (LINK) and/or decoders via a 2-wire path. This multi-management central control system for single site applications uses a Microsoft® Windows® environment with advanced graphics and 32-bit architecture.

With state-of- the-art ET-based scheduling, customized site graphics, multiple mapping options and the ability to “see” the placement and operation of individual rotors, SiteControl makes controlling your turf’s irrigation system fast and intuitive.

Advanced Graphical Tracking

  • Maps generated by GPS technology or AutoCAD recreate your site.
  • Interactive mapping and on-screen graphics show your complete site with location of individual rotors. Extensive status reporting is a click away.
  • Map utilities software module allows you to measure and calculate areas from your map.

Hybrid system

  • Expand your system with the purchase of the hybrid software module.
  • Operate satellites and/or decoders via a 2-wire path.

SiteControl Plus

  • Expand your system with one to four Large Decoder Interfaces (LDI), each capable of operating up to 1,000 solenoids.
  • With Hybrid system, can further expand capabilities by combining decoder and/or satellite options up to four total interface devices.

Smart Weather™

  • Designed to take complete advantage of Rain Bird’s most advanced line of weather stations.
  • Tracks ET rates with a weather station and reacts to current weather conditions through logical sequential steps.
  • Advanced warning system accepts user-defined sensor thresholds. System operator is immediately alerted if thresholds are exceeded.


  • Uses tipping bucket rain can(s) to detect and suspend irrigation while measuring rainfall. When rain stops, irrigation resumes with run times reduced according to measured rain.

Minimum ET

  • Allows setting minimum ET threshold values for irrigation to take place. Promotes deep watering for optimum turf conditions.

Automatic ET

  • Automatically adjust run times in relation to fluctuations in evapotranspiration (ET) values

Expanded System Capability

  • Utilizes the most advanced software development tools in the industry. SiteControl offers excellent performance and software/hardware compatibility.
  • The new system architecture is designed to speed performance utilizing the most current software operating systems.
  • System is modular in nature. Buy only what you need; expand at a later date.
  • Increase wire path capacity by simply purchasing modules.

Remote System Control

  • Take control of your system and operate SiteControl from anywhere on your site using the Rain Bird FREEDOM System. Available via digital phone or radio.

Superior Monitoring & Scheduling

  • Flo-Graph™ allows visibility of real-time graphics with individual station information presented in colorful charts.
  • Flo-Manager™ balances system demands and maximum capacities with efficiency helping to lower water demand, reduce system wear and tear and save energy.
  • Cycle + Soak™. Better control the application of water on slopes and in areas with poor drainage.
  • QuickIRR™ Quick and easy method to build irrigation schedules and programs based on your parameters.

System Specifications

The computerized central control system shall be the Rain Bird SiteControl as hereinafter specified. It shall be capable of controlling a single site with up to 8 locations, upgradable to 16, each consisting of common areas and special areas. The control shall include a Rain Bird computer system, as hereinafter specified. The control equipment shall include a satellite interface (TWI) or decoder interface unit (SDI). The satellite interface (TWI) shall control up to 28 channels per wire group and each wire group shall control up to 672 satellite stations. The satellite interface (TWI) shall be upgradable from 1 wire group to 4 wire groups with the purchase of an “additional wire path” software module.

The Small Decoder Interface Unit (SDI) shall have the capacity to control a maximum of 200 decoder addresses and activate up to 400 solenoids. The Large Decoder Interface Unit (LDI) shall have the capacity to control a maximum of 500 decoder addresses and activate up to 1,000 solenoids. The hybrid module shall offer both types of system communication — satellite and decoder— on the same system. The hybrid module shall also allow expansion of the control system with the addition of 1 more TWI or SDI, doubling hardware capabilities. SiteControl Plus allows operating one to four LDI's or, combined with the hybrid module, up to four total decoder and/or satellite interface devices.

Software Specifications

The SiteControl software shall operate in the Microsoft® Windows® operating system environment and shall be capable of operating any one of the following types of field unit systems: 1) "hard-wired" satellite field units 2) "radio" operated link satellite field units 3) "hard-wired" decoder field units. The control system shall provide continuous "on-line", two-way communication between the central computer, the interface unit and the field satellites and/or decoder units — providing "true" central control. Continuous field unit "feedback" status information shall register at the computer and also at the satellite interface unit (TWI).

SiteControl system shall be capable of 100 programs residing in the system at any one time. The system shall provide up to 12 “start times” per individual schedule and up to 6 “start times” per individual program. SMART WEATHER shall provide automatic response or alarm to the PC. Water Budget function shall adjust watering time from 0 to 300% in 1% increments. Automatic Rain Shutdown shall function with the integration of a Rain Sensor. “Dry run” feature shall provide data for testing and adjustments. Built-in rotor and spray-head database shall provide custom irrigation programs and automatically calculate precipitation rates for each sprinkler model. A “Cost estimator” shall provide projections of water and power costs for irrigation cycles. SiteControl shall provide three different flow measurements: m3 per hour, liters per second, US Gallons per minute. SiteControl shall offer the selection of any one of eleven different languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified). Freedom system shall allow wireless access via a wireless phone or handheld. Site Control systems shall be sold with a 1-year Global Support Plan (GSP).

(For North America, software comes pre-installed on a computer supplied by Rain Bird )

Software Module Options

  • Smart Weather
  • Automatic ET
  • Hybrid Module
  • Smart Sensor
  • SiteControl Plus
  • Map Utilities
  • Freedom
  • 8 Additional Locations
  • Additional Wire Path (2nd)
  • Additional Wire Path (3rd)
  • Additional Wire Path (4th)

TWI Hardware specifications

The Two-Wire Interface (TWI) shall serve as an interface between the central controller and Rain Bird commercial field satellites (ESP-MC SAT series) on the SiteControl System.


  • TWI operates up to 28 satellites, pulse decoders or sensor decoders per wire group.
  • TWI comes standard with one wire-path, upgradeable to 4 wire paths with the purchase of an “additional wire path” module.
  • Available in either 2-wire or MAXILink™ wireless communication to satellite controllers and sensors.
  • UL-Listed
  • Wall Mount: drawn steel, seamless, cabinet with hinged front panel
  • Computer data path: hardwire
  • Satellite data path: hardwire/2-wire path (1500 Ω resistance) or MAXILink™ wireless radio path (MAX 2 watt GRP Narrowband)
Electrical Specifications

TWI Hardwire

  • Output: 2 x 26.5VAC @ 0.9A 60/50Hz or 4 x 26.5VAC @ 0.9A 50/60Hz
  • Circuit Breaker: NA (Autoresettable)

TWI Link

  • Input required: 120VAC ± 10% @ 1.25A 60/50Hz or 220/230/240VAC ± 10% @ .5A 50/60Hz
  • Output: NA
  • Circuit Breaker: NA
  • Grounding: All TWI’s shall be grounded to a 10-ohm or less earth ground


  • Width: 15 ½” (39,4 cm)
  • Height: 12 ½" (31,7 cm)
  • Depth: 6" (15,2 cm)



    220/240/260 VAC (50 Hz)

Decoder Interface Hardware specifications

The Small-Decoder Interface (SDI) and Large Decoder Interface (LDI) shall serve as an interface between the central controller and Rain Bird commercial field and sensor decoders (FD-101TURF, FD-102TURF, FD- 202TURF, FD-401TURF, FD-601TURF, SD-210TURF) on the SiteControl System.


  • SDI can interface with up to 200 decoder addresses and can activate up to 400 solenoids.
  • LDI can interface with up to 500 decoder addresses and can activate up to 1000 solenoids.
  • SDI and LDI come standard with 4 wire paths
  • Computer data path: 9-pin serial cable
  • Decoder data path: 2-wire
  • Wall Mount: heavy-duty, plastic, cabinet with a key-lock door.

Electrical Specifications

  • North America
    Input: 120 VAC ± 10% @ .59A 60Hz
    Output: 24VAC @ 2A 60Hz
    Circuit Breaker: NA (Autoresettable)
  • International Recommended Specifications, Transformer not supplied (model: ISDITURF and ILDITURF)
    Input: 220, 230, 240VAC ± 10% @ 0.36A 50Hz
    Output: 24VAC @ 2A 50Hz
    CE and UL


  • Width: 9 ½" (24,1 cm)
  • Height: 10 ¼" (26 cm)
  • Depth: 4 3/8" (11,1 cm)


  • SDITURF (w/transformer)
  • ISDITURF (w/o transformer)
  • LDITURF (w/transformer)
  • ILDITURF (w/o transformer)