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Pump Stations and Filter Systems

Rain Bird, leader in Pump Stations

Do you need professional assistance to calculate your Pump Station requirements? Or you might have a pump and filter enquiry, then call Rain Bird Australia 1800 424 044 or email send us an email: info@rainbird.com.au

Fully Integrated, Fully Automatic, Fully Intelligent!

Rain Bird Pump Stations are built using the highest quality components and are designed specifically for irrigation applications. When you install Rain Bird quality and reliability, you Install Confidence. All Rain Bird Pump Stations undergo rigorous quality testing during manufacturing. This includes operating the completely assembled Pump Station at its designed capacity to ensure that it is fully water tested and calibrated. Rain Bird pre-assembled Pump Stations are extremely easy to install and operate.

What a Rain Bird Pump Station can do for you:

  • Less watering time
  • Less water use
  • Less electricity use
  • Less maintenance
  • Less downtime
  • Best efficiency

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