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Irrigation Solutions for Agriculture

Crops, nursery, frost control / cooling, wastewater, dust control

agricultural irrigation, crop irrigation,  pivot irrigation, field irrigationIn 1933, Rain Bird started with an innovative idea called the impact sprinkler. It was something new

A better way for farmers to irrigate their land. Since that time, Rain Bird has been dedicated to serving the needs of agriculture worldwide by continuing to advance the boundaries of irrigation technology.

For more information about Rain Bird Ag Irrigation Products, please contact your Rain Bird Australia Ag Specialist. Or take a look at our Water Conservation Tips for Farmers and Growers.

LF1200™ Series Sprinkler

The Rain Bird® LF1200™ Series Sprinkler is built rugged to withstand the harsh conditions in agricultural applications. It has been designed to combine the advantages of an impact sprinkler with stream height flexibility, delivering precise, uniform and unrivaled water distribution.

This low-flow sprinkler offers full-circle operation with a variety of color-coded nozzles and deflector inserts that snap into place with a push of a finger making accommodations to every setup a snap. 

Download the complete Rain Bird Ag Catalog

Rain Bird Ag CatalogDownload product specifications and technical details for the entire line of Rain Bird Agricultural Irrigation products from impact sprinklers and rain guns to microsprays, dripline, valves, controllers and accessories.

Rain Bird Agricultural Irrigation Catalog


For detailed information on Rain Bird Ag products, please visit the Rain Bird Corporation US Website.