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Rain Bird Chosen to Supply Irrigation Systems for Eleven Soccer Stadiums in Brazil

Eleven regional soccer stadiums recently constructed to host the largest international soccer tournaments in Brazil will use Rain Bird irrigation systems to keep their turf in top condition. The sports turf managers at these stadiums are focused on providing the absolute best playing surface for elite soccer athletes. Obviously, irrigation is a key factor when it comes to maintaining these soccer fields, and we’re pleased that eleven stadiums will rely upon the efficiency and performance of Rain Bird irrigation systems

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Rain Bird R-VAN Hand-Adjustable Variable Arc Rotary Nozzles

Rain Bird® R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles provide water efficiency and design flexibility. R-VAN Adjustable Rotary Nozzles feature rotating stream technology which uniformly delivers water at a low precipitation rate, significantly reducing runoff and erosion. Nozzle spray pattern and distance are easily adjusted by hand with no tools required, so you can toss your no-longer-needed adjustment tool.

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Surfer’s Paradise Golf Course, QLD

Surfers Paradise Golf Club engaged Broadwater Consultants in late 2011 to undertake a full design and documentation of a complete upgrade of the existing irrigation system. They chose Rain Bird® IC System™ technology to make the most of their limited water supplies and ensure their course was always at its best.

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Rain Bird announces new Asia Pacific Global Service Plan (GSP) Call Centre, based in Melbourne.

Rain Bird has opened a new Asia Pacific Global Service Plan (GSP) call centre based in Melbourne. The call centre, which can be contacted Freecall 1800 225 512 (within Australia), provides comprehensive technical support and advice to Rain Bird's customers throughout the region and, in particular, will support Rain Bird central control customers including councils, sporting complexes, golf courses and other specialist areas.

The new call centre will be managed by Rain Bird Australia's national service manager Dean Lillis and is the third international call centre that the company has established, the others being in the US and Europe

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Rain Bird's new HV Valve Delivers Outstanding Performance and Durability at a Lower Price.

In today’s economy, a single dollar can be the difference between a contractor winning an irrigation job or losing it to a competitor. Now, Rain Bird’s new reverse-flow HV Valve is making it possible for contractors to stay competitive by combining an exceptionally affordable low price with long-lasting, reliable performance.

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Rain Bird’s new RD1800™ Series Sprays save water and perform reliably under even the toughest conditions.

Exclusive Flow-Shield™ Technology helps these sprays outlast the competition even when used with non-potable water. The RD1800 patent-pending Flow-Shield™ Technology means when a nozzle is removed, this feature reduces the amount of water flowing through the stem by up to 90 percent compared to an average spray and up to 50 percent when compared to a typical pressure-regulating spray.

Designed for use with all Rain Bird plastic spray head nozzles and constructed of time-proven UV-resistant plastic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts, the RD1800 can take on the toughest irrigation challenges for years to come.

For more information about the new RD1800 Spray, visit www.rainbird.com/RD1800

Rain Bird Australia Opens Warehouse in Western Australia

Rain Bird Australia provides product to the Western Australia market through a local warehouse located in Perth. This local warehouse will carry the full range of Rain Bird products and will ship orders the next day.

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Rain Bird’s new high-efficiency variable arc nozzle (HE-VAN) wins best new product award at 2011 American Irrigation Association Show, granted Smart Approved WaterMark Certification.

Rain Bird’s new High-Efficiency Variable Arc Nozzle (HE-VAN) has received the American Irrigation Association’s 2011 Best New Product of the Year Award in the Turf and Landscape Category. This marks the second year in a row that a Rain Bird product has received this honour, with XFS Subsurface Dripline achieving Best New Product of the Year status in the Turf and Landscape Category at last year’s show. The HE-VAN nozzle has also received Smart Approved WaterMark certification.

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ESP-LX Series and IQ v2.0 Central Control

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Rain Bird New Integrated Sensor System (ISS) gives golf courses complete control over their turf

Rain Bird Golf has introduced the all-new Integrated Sensor System™ (ISS), a multi-component soil sensing system that provides accurate snapshots of soil conditions and the ability to automatically adjust irrigation system run times.

It is suitable for both golf and landscape applications.

The ISS is the only sensing system in the industry that delivers real-time full central control integration. The ISS sensors send soil moisture, salinity and temperature data to the system’s Soil Manager software, which in turn works with the course’s existing central control system to automatically set individual station run times. “Unlike competitive technologies, Rain Bird’s sensors provide for accurate readings immediately after installation with no need for calibration,” Bruno Quanquin, product manager for Rain Bird Golf’s division.  “It also makes it easy for superintendents to start with one sensor and then add more later.”

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Underground – and under water – Rain Bird IC System survives Aussie floods

The substantial flooding which overwhelmed much of Queensland in January this year certainly put the Rain Bird Integrated Control System to the test. In 2009, Water Equipment Technology (WET) of Queensland won the tender to irrigate the St Lucia Golf Links in Brisbane. They recommended the Rain Bird IC System and, upon winning the contract, became the first company to install the system anywhere in Australia. In January this year, parts of the St Lucia Golf Links were inundated by flood water to a depth of several metres and it took some time to subside. As soon as it was clear to do so, the WET team went onto the course to test the irrigation. They found the Rain Bird IC System to be completely undamaged and working efficiently, exactly as it was intended to.

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Announcing NEW Smart Approved WaterMark Products from Rain Bird

Rain Bird is proud to announce the Wireless Rain Sensors (WR2) have been granted the Smart Approved WaterMark certification:

Rain Bird’s new Wireless Rain Sensors – the latest ‘must have’ component

Using smart, weather-based irrigation technology is a very efficient way to maintain a healthy beautiful landscape. As smart technology continues to emerge as a ‘must-have’ for waterwise irrigation systems, more customers are asking contractors for options that are user friendly, reliable and affordable.

Now Rain Bird has answered the needs of both customers and contractors with its new Smart Approved WaterMark Wireless Rain sensors. The WR2 Series Wireless Rain Sensors are high quality products that automatically sense and measure both rain and cold temperatures to prevent unnecessary irrigation, saving up to 35% of water and reducing wear on irrigation system components.

These sensors depend on reliable signal transmission and other innovations to deliver superior responsiveness to rainfall and cold temperatures, while user-friendly features cut installation and programming time in half and enable installation by one person. They can be easily programmed to shut off as soon as rain is detected or to suspend irrigation once programmed rainfall or temperature thresholds are met.

The WR2 sensors consist of three durable components;  a controller interface with an easy-to-read LCD screen, a sensor unit and a self-levelling sensor mounting bracket which quickly attaches securely to a gutter or any vertical surface. Unlike other rain sensors, the WR2 has a long-lasting battery that’s quick and easy to replace.  A clear and easy-to-read LCD screen on the controller interface displays signal strength, rain and temperature set points, battery life and more all at a glance. Dual antenna safeguard the system from signal interference and two-way messaging overcomes most line-of-sight obstructions so the sensor can be located virtually anywhere.

Rain Bird Rotor First to Receive Smart Approved WaterMark

Rain Bird Australia has announced that its 5000 PRS series rotor has become the first gear driven rotor in Australia to be awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark, a distinction reserved for products that make significant savings in water usage.

The 5000 PRS gear driven rotor combines Rain Bird’s award-winning Rain Curtain™ nozzle technology with an in-stem pressure regulator (PRS) which maintains a constant optimum pressure of 45 psi or 3.1 bars at the nozzle, irrespective of inlet pressure, thereby preventing the misting and fogging caused by higher pressures.

This results in water savings while providing a uniform spray and maximum coverage.  In exhaustive life cycle tests, this remarkable irrigation component proved to be 3.8 times more reliable than its nearest US competitor and is therefore being backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty. The 5000 PRS gear driven rotor is reliable, durable and easy to use.  The self-aligning nozzles can be interchanged and spray patterns adjusted to suit a particular location.

This water-smart rotor will save water and time while improving productivity and providing uniform results.

As the only heavy duty irrigation rotor in Australia to receive the Smart Approved WaterMark, it’s hardly surprising that the Rain Bird 5000 PRS gear driven rotor is being heralded as the ‘Next Evolution in Rotor Performance.’

Rain Bird PRS Dial, 1800-PRS Spray Head and RSD Rain Sensor Receive Smart Approved WaterMark

Rain Bird Australia, an authorised distributor for Rain Bird, the world’s leading manufacturer of irrigation and water management products, has announced that the PRS Dial, 1800-PRS Spray Head and RSD Rain Sensor have been awarded Smart Approved WaterMark status.

PRS-D Pressure Regulating ModuleThe PRS-Dial is an excellent means of regulating outlet pressure at the valve regardless of incoming pressure fluctuations. The visible scale makes installation quick and easy.

The regulator fits all Rain Bird PGA, PEB, PESB, GB, EFB-CP, BPE and BPES series valves. The dial cartridge (sold separately) retrofits easily into existing PRS-B units.

The 1800 PRS Series is designed for areas with high and/or widely fluctuating water pressures, and has all 1800 Series features, plus a PRS pressure regulator built into the stem. No parts to be installed at the site, saving you time and money.

The 1800 PRS ends misting and fogging caused by high pressure and helps stop water waste, even when watering occurs in high pressure or windy conditions

The 1800-PRS maintains a constant outlet pressure at 30 psi (2.1 bar) to ensure maximum spray body and nozzle performance, even with varying inlet pressures. Spray bodies and nozzles perform best at 30 psi.

The Rain Bird RSD Series Rain Sensor is an easy to install, durable and visually pleasing rain sensor device suitable for 24VAC residential and commercial applications.

This high quality product saves water and extends irrigation system life by automatically measuring precipitation and preventing irrigation systems from watering in rainy conditions.

Rain Bird Rotary Nozzles Awarded the Smart Approved Watermark

Rain Bird Australia, the authorised distributor for Rain Bird, the world's leading manufacturer of irrigation and weather management products, is proud to announce that its rotary nozzles have been awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark - a sign of distinction devised to assist in the conservation of water.

The Rain Bird rotary nozzles have multiple rotating streams that deliver close-in watering and even coverage throughout the radius range. The low precipitation rate of 15.2mm/hr significantly reduces wasteful run-off.

Designed to fit on Rain Bird spray heads, rotary nozzles provide unsurpassed design flexibility and highly efficient water distribution from 4.0 to 7.3 metres.

With approximately 60% less flow than conventional spray nozzles and an expanded radius of throw, rotary nozzles allow more heads per zone, resulting in lower costs as fewer zones are required. Rotary nozzles are ideal to solve problems caused by diminished pressure or stretched spray.

To find out more about the Rain Bird rotary nozzles and Rain Bird's commitment to the Intelligent Use of Water philosophy, go to www.rainbird.com.au or Freecall Rain Bird on 1800 424 044.

Rain Bird’s Maxicom2 Central Control System Wins Smart Approved WaterMark

The Rain Bird Maxicom2 Irrigation Central Control System has long been a favourite with those responsible for the irrigation of large areas with multiple watering sites. Packed with features such as multiple scheduling, weather monitoring, automatic and manual control options, flow management and Cycle+Soak™, Maxicom2 is ideal for large commercial and industrial applications such as those managed by local councils, sporting clubs, retirement villages and park and recreation departments.

Now available in version 3.5 with the additional features of Low Flow Alarm and Odd/Even Scheduling, Maxicom2 is among the world’s most sophisticated yet easy-to-operate multi-point irrigation control systems. And it’s one of the most water efficient systems too.

Fulfilling every requirement of Rain Bird’s Intelligent Use Of Water™ core value, Maxicom2 makes the very best use of every drop of water available while ensuring that lawns, parks and reserves receive an adequate water supply. Little wonder then that the Rain Bird Maxicom2 Irrigation Central Control System received the prestigious Smart Approved WaterMark Award from an expert panel of judges on September 4, 2007. It is the only Central Control System that has been awarded the Smart Approved WaterMark certification in Australia.

Intelligent and Smart Approved. That’s Maxicom2 from Rain Bird.

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