Intelligent Use of Water™ White Papers

The Case for Water Harvesting

English (PDF: 4 MB)

Over the years, water shortages and restrictions have become the norm for people living in drought-prone regions throughout the world. However, any region—desert or otherwise—can experience unusually dry conditions at any time.

Due to the world’s widespread water woes, water experts everywhere are advocating the process of water harvesting—capturing, diverting and storing non-potable, or “reclaimed,” water for landscape irrigation and a variety of other uses.

For years, some conscientious individuals have embraced smart water use by integrating small-scale water harvesting systems like rain barrels into their landscapes

Now, because of technological advances and the growing need to conserve potable water, specifiers and landscape architects are finding that water harvesting is an increasingly popular choice for larger applications like commercial sites, schools, apartment complexes and parks.

This paper presents an overview of the basics of modern day water harvesting, along with five simple steps you can follow to successfully incorporate water harvesting into your irrigation system.

It is Rain Bird’s belief that through education and communication, we can all contribute to finding a solution to global water shortages. The need to conserve water has never been greater. We want to do more, and with your help, we can.