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Technical Specifications

From central control to rotors to drip, this section gives you quick and easy access to the technical specifications you need for your Rain Bird products. Simply scroll down the list to find the product category then click on the product name to download the tech spec.

Central Control





Commercial Controllers



ESP-LX Basic




5000 Series

Falcon 6504

8005 Series

2045A Maxi-Paw


Spray Heads and Nozzles

1800 Series

RD1800 Series

HE-VAN High Efficiency Variable Arc Nozzles

U-Series Nozzles

R-Series Rotary Nozzles

R-VAN18 Series Variable Arc Rotary Nozzles

R-VAN17-24 Series Variable Arc Rotary Nozzles

1300 & 1400 Series Bubblers



PGA Series Valves

PEB and PESB Series Valves

PESB-R Series Valves

EFB-CP Series Valves

BPES Series Valves

PRS-Dial Pressure Regulator


Sensors and Weather Stations


Flow Sensors - NPT

Flow Sensors - BSP

WR2 Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor


Pump Stations & Accessories

CLP Pump Stations - Boost

CLP Pump Stations - Suction Lift

LC Series Pump Stations

LP Series Pump Stations

PSR Universal Pump Start Relay

PSR110220 Dual Pole Pump Start Relay


Valve Boxes & Drainage

PVB Series Valve Boxes

VB Series Valve Boxes - 7" & 10" Round

VB Series Valve Boxes - Standard

VB Series Valve Boxes - Maxi

VB Series Valve Boxes - Jumbo

VB Series Valve Boxes - Super Jumbo

Plastic Round Grates

Plastic Square Grates

Universal Grates and Round Catch Basins

Catch Basins

Drainage Adapters

Pop Up Valves


Drip Irrigation

XCZ-100-PRB-MC Control Zone Kit

QF Dripline Header

XFD Dripline

XFS Subsurface Dripline with Copper Shield

XFCV Dripline With Heavy Duty Check Valve

XF Insert Fittings

PCT Pressure Compensating Threaded Bubblers

RWS Root Watering System

SQ Nozzles