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Reclaimed Water System Solutions

Only Rain Bird offers end-to-end solutions for reclaimed water applications.

Rain Bird has been a leading advocate for The Intelligent Use of Waterâ„¢ for over 80 years. As water conservation becomes increasingly important, we’re leading the way in reclaimed water use, with end-to-end solutions that let us get more from every drop.

Designed to stand up to the harsh chemicals that are often found in recycled water, this line of products provides everything you need to use this valuable resource more effectively and efficiently.

Pump Stations

IQ Platform



PESB-R Series Valves

EFB-CP Series Valves


Valve Box Lids

Drip Control Zone Kits

XFD Purple

Drip Compression Fittings

RD1800 Series Sprays

PA-8S-NP Shrub Adapter

5000 Series
NP Rotors

Falcon 6504 Series Rotors

8005 Series

2045A MaxiPaw NP


Dramatically increasing our use of reclaimed water is one of the most impactful ways we can save tomorrow’s water. That’s why Rain Bird is leading the effort to increase its use with Reclaimed Water Awareness. By educating public agencies, specifiers, contractors and homeowners about the possibilities of reclaimed water, we’re working to prove the water-saving possibilities of this underutilized resource.