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Smart Irrigation Grounds News

Spring 2018

Welcome to the first edition of Smart Irrigation Grounds News. We'll cover water efficient product news and design tips, training opportunities, technical resources, and troubleshooting tips.  If you wish to receive the e-newsletter, sign up here

New Products:

XFS-CV Dripline with Pure Copper Root Protection and Industry-Leading Check Valves
Rain Bird® XFS-CV dripline has an all-in-one design that gives every system unmatched protection. Pure copper chips protect against emitter root intrusion, while built-in check valves offer an industry-leading 10' hold-back, allowing it to take on any on-surface, sub-surface, sloped or flat application. Learn more...

Internet Connected Water Meters
Rain Bird's updated line of internet connected water meters give end customers water usage information, alerts, and much more through the ICWM Portal. Five years of free ICWM Portal access is included with the purchase of a water meter. Learn more here...
Access water data for free via the ICWM Portal

When Should You Use a Low Precipitation Nozzle vs. a Standard Precipitation High-Efficiency Nozzle
Using a low precipitation rate nozzle helps save water, but when do you choose it over a high-efficiency nozzle with a standard precipitation rate.  What are the pros and cons of each? To make the right choice you should consider all the requirements of your site before selecting.
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Online Training: Factory Trained Decoder Technician Class Offered Online
Rain Bird Training Services is now offering online technical irrigation training. If your organization uses the ESP-LXD Two-Wire Decoder Controller this class covers design, installation, grounding & surge protection, and troubleshooting.
Take 20% off your training

XFS-CV and QF Dripline Header Help Solve Drainage and Installation Challenges
Reflection Garden, City of Aurora, Colorado

The City of Aurora, Colorado, recently expanded its five-acre Aurora Water-wise Demonstration Garden at the Aurora Municipal Center to include the Reflection Garden that features a dedicated space for the 7/20 Memorial to honor the victims of the 2012 Aurora theatre shooting. To help solve two design challenges the city used Rain Bird XFS-CV dripline and the QF Dripline Supply Header.
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Extra Durable Design Guide

Get the recommended drip products for high impact sites where durability and ease of maintenance are top priorities. Thick walled flexible pipe, durable spiral barb fittings and pressure compensating, self-flushing emitters stand up to harsh environment of medians, slopes and areas with high foot traffic.
Get the guide (PDF: 26 MB)