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Site Report: Washington Cherry Grower

The New LF1200™ Series Sprinkler From Rain Bird Delivers Results for Washington Cherry Grower

“Water is the chief requirement for cherries,” says John Kunst a cherry grower in Washington. “Cherries are 90% water, so you need the right amount of water to swell them up. With the new LF1200 Series sprinkler from Rain Bird, I have seen wonderful results.”

Kunst’s trees are spaced at 16’ by 24’, and have feeder roots on each side of the tree that extend out 15 feet. With such a large root system, water distribution becomes the largest priority. The new LF1200 sprinkler has two distinct design advantages that achieve unrivaled water distribution uniformity.

First, the revolutionary weighted disc that provides an increased dwell time between stream interruptions lengthens the throw distance. Second, when the engineered Precision Jet Spoon (PJ Spoon) contacts the water stream it controls the height of each splash during the impact, redirecting the water away from the riser and minimizing splash down. “I typically water for a 24 hour set every 7 to 10 says,” notes Kunst, “and with the LF1200 sprinkler I have seen that I get great water coverage without dry spots, and I have not seen any runoff.”

The LF1200 sprinkler is also an easy sprinkler to maintain. Since John’s water source contains high levels of debris, a sprinkler that is easy to clean is of primary concern. The LF1200 sprinkler’s EZ-twist tabs allow easy removal of the drive unit from the body, even while the system is pressurized. Kunst says, “Separating the drive unit from the body is simple - just squeeze, turn, and remove. I was surprised because I didn’t really get wet.”

Another concern is durability and overall wear resistance of the sprinklers to high levels of debris. Since the washer stack of the LF1200 sprinkler is located away from the water path, washers wear up to ten times less than traditional designs.

“Over the past 6 months of irrigating, I have found this to be a very easy sprinkler to maintain,” says Kunst. “The LF1200 sprinkler has been great at covering my field with the right amount of water. I think Rain Bird has a winner on its hands.

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