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Technical Articles and Reference

Download Adobe ReaderThese support and reference materials for Rain Bird products have been formatted in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) for easy downloading and printing.

Distribution Uniformity - English (PDF: 122 KB)
Distribution Uniformity - Spanish (PDF: 259 KB)
PDF Frost Protection by Sprinkling (PDF: 43 KB)
PDF Maintenance Guide for Impact Sprinklers (PDF: 95 KB)
PDF Sprinkler Irrigation Uniformity (PDF: 123 KB)
PDF Micro Spray Pattern Selection (PDF: 105 KB)
PDF Reference Formulas (U.S. units) (PDF: 73 KB)


Putting Rain Bird Sprinkler Test Data To Work Using The SPACE Program

Sprinkler irrigation system designers have always wrestled with one basic question - how to space their sprinklers to achieve a desired uniformity and precipitation rate. In recent years, the sprinkler irrigation industry has increasingly relied and standardized on a computer program called SPACE from the Center for Irrigation Technology (CIT) in Fresno, California.

PDF SPACE Test Data Tech Spec (PDF: 94 KB)