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Micro-Quick Sprays

For Agriculture Irrigation Systems

Micro-Quick™ sprays are the only micro sprays available with reversible dual pattern deflectors and a selection of deflector pattern combinations available to meet your specific application requirements.

A Micro-Quick™ system leads to efficient use of water, chemicals and energy, and reduced labor, inventory and management time needed to make system modifications for various growing conditions.



  • No tools are required to remove and re-install nozzle/deflector on the bayonet mount.
  • Nozzle/deflector assembly is easily removed for cleaning.
  • Quickly change the nozzle/deflector assembly to achieve a higher flow rate or different spray pattern.
  • The taper bore nozzle design prevents debris from clogging the orifice.
  • All nozzles are color-coded.
  • With no moving parts, Micro-Quick is virtually maintenance free.
  • Upright (upward spraying) or inverted (downward spraying) nozzle/deflector position available.
  • The transfer tubing offers maximum flexibility, durability and kink-resistance.

  • Wide flow range from 3.7 GPH (13.8 l/h) to 30.6 GPH (115.7 l/h).