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LF800 / LF1200 / LF2400

LF Series Sprinklers

Rain Bird LF Series Agricultural SprinklersBuilt rugged to withstand the harsh conditions in agricultural applications, Rain Bird LF Series Sprinklers combine the advantages of an impact sprinkler with stream height flexibility, delivering precise, uniform water distribution.






The Rain Bird LF Series Sprinklers distribute water more evenly across varying pressures, flows, and temperatures, than any product on the market. What’s more, they achieve the lowest scheduling coefficient in their class. The LF Series Sprinkler was meticulously designed with the following features to achieve superior uniformity:

  • The weighted drive disk provides an increased dwell time between stream interruptions to achieve the maximum distance of throw.
  • The deflector’s water path has been designed with break-up features that maximize throw distance and optimize uniformity.
  • The design of the Precision Jet (PJ) Spoon along with the longer dwell time of the LF Series throws drive water back into the pattern and leads to less water at the riser.
  • Precision molded, interchangeable nozzles and deflectors allow the LF Series Sprinkler to optimize uniformity for each application's flow rate, pressure, spacing and desired stream height.


Rain Bird’s innovative design and construction of the LF Series Sprinkler has created the most robust sprinkler in its class:

  • The patented Ceramic Radial Bearing (CRB) is tough enough to resist wear in the harshest environments.
  • The Precision Jet spoon and drive spring are both protected for maximum durability and life in tough field conditions.
  • The patented brake design needs very little force for operation resulting in minimal wear and a maintenance free washer stack.
  • The shielded drive and brake mechanism ensures consistent rotation speeds and offers excellent performance in frost protection applications
  • Carefully selected engineered plastics prevent breakage.


The simple 4-piece integrated construction makes assembly, deflector changes and nozzle replacement a snap. The LF Series Sprinkler platform is the ideal choice for a wide variety of agricultural and industrial applications worldwide.

  • Nozzles and deflectors are color coded for easy identification.
  • Snap in nozzles and deflectors have a reliable fit and are easy to remove & replace.
  • No tools required for assembly or disassembly.
  • Anti-Theft options are available to secure LF sprinkler units.
  • Acme x NPT and ACME x slip adapters available for quick attach applications.
  • Splash Guard allows users to change or clean nozzles without getting soaked.
  • Edge Guard provides users the ability to keep water out of roads, walkways, or just the end of the field by redirecting water back into the desired area.
  • Stream Splitter splits the water to avoid direct water streams into tree trunks, equipment, and general areas that do not need watering.
  • 1/2” (13 mm) NPT male pipe thread
  • 23mm ACME male thread (requires special adapter)
  • Anti-theft ACME bodies available

Operating Range

  • Pressure: 25 to 60 psi (1.7 to 4.2 bars)
  • Flow Rate: 0.77 to 6.40 gpm (175 to 1,454 l/hr)

Nozzle Sizes

  • White 0.0703” (1.79mm, 50 drill)
  • Blue 0.078” (1.98mm, 5/64”)
  • Orange 0.086” (2.18mm, 44 drill)
  • Purple 0.094” (2.39mm, 3/32”)
  • Yellow 0.102” (2.59mm, 38 drill)
  • Green 0.109” (2.76mm, 7/64”)
  • Tan 0.117” (2.97mm, 30 drill)
  • Red 0.125" (3.18 mm, 8/64")
  • Black 0.133" (3.38 mm, 29 drill)
  • Silver 0.143" (3.63 mm, 9/64")
  • Brown 0.156" (3.97 mm, 5/32")
  • Dark Grey 0.172" (4.37 mm, 11/64")

Deflector trajectory outlets are:

  • 6° (Yellow)
  • 6° (Dark Purple)
  • 9° (Purple)
  • 10° (White)
  • 10° (Lime)
  • 12° (Copper)
  • 12° (Cyan Blue)
  • 12° (Pink)
  • 13° (Maroon)
  • 15° (Brown)
  • 15° (Tangerine)
  • 16° (Red)
  • 17° (Powder Blue)
  • 21° (Olive Green)
  • 22° (Dark Green)
  • 27° (Black)

Uniformity Pro is an online selection tool that helps you pick the best Rain Bird LF™ Series nozzle and deflector combination for your agricultural irrigation needs.

Simply enter your spacings and watering requirements.  Within seconds, Uniformity Pro will create a detailed results report with the best distribution uniformity combinations listed first.

Learn more about Uniformity Pro.