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ClimateMinder® Professional Monitoring

For growers who want to monitor several critical field conditions at once, ClimateMinder Professional is the solution that provides actionable intelligence to keep crops healthy, profitable, and growing.  ClimateMinder Professional allows growers to improve yields, reduce inputs and labor, and assist growers of all crop types in making critical choices.

ClimateMinder Professional monitoring gives growers access to real-time customizable data, anytime, anywhere.


  • Increase crop yield and quality
  • Reduce plant stress
  • Stop leaching fertilizer
  • Respond instantly to frost events
  • Know your flow and pressure
  • Easily report to regulatory agencies
  • Have access to critical data, anytime, anywhere


  • ClimateMinder Professional is a powerful, customizable interface with indicators and customizable charts that quickly relay information growers need to make irrigation and crop health choices
  • Track soil moisture with sensors at multiple depths for irrigation and infiltration analysis to watch water movement throughout the soil moisture profile to make sure irrigation reached the root zone, and not past it
  • Use temperature and humidity data to look at microclimate field level ET calculations
  • Take action against frost or other critical field conditions with unlimited customizable alerts by phone, text, or email
  • Disease and pest modeling for numerous crops
  • Monitor key crop indicators like growing degree days and chill and heat hours
  • Monitor and alert on irrigation status, line pressure, filters and other critical irrigation systems
  • Flow monitoring and reporting
  • Weekly, monthly, and annually applied water reporting

Supported Sensors

  • Use the Rain Bird CMP40 Profile probe or select a supported probe from several leading manufacturers
    • Rain Bird CMP40 Capacitance profile probe for soil moisture and temperature (16", 24", 32", 40", 48", 60")
    • Single depth soil moisture, temperature, and salinity probes
    • Tensiometers
  • Pressure switch or pressure transducer
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Leaf wetness sensors
  • Rain and wind
  • Solar radiation and pyrometers
  • Flow meters
  • Well depth sensors
  • And more



We call it the Gateway, a tower packed with sensors that accurately and reliably record and send readings to the cloud.  This data is processed, and the actionable results are displayed on the ClimateMinder website or sent straight to users in easy to read reports.

To expand decision-making abilities, additional sensor nodes can be installed. Packed with the same sensing abilities these nodes send data to the Gateway where it is forwarded on to the cloud.

With solar recharging batteries, self-healing network, and quality Rain Bird probes and sensors, growers don't have to worry about hardware, just about what can be done with the mission-critical real-time data the system provides.

  • Reads data and reports every 15 minutes
  • Solar power/Battery backup
  • Easily customizable charts, reports, alerts
  • Emailed PDF reports to you, or any number of delegates