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ClimateMinder® Soil Moisture Monitoring

For Growers who only want to monitor soil moisture, ClimateMinder is a solution that provides actionable intelligence to improve yields & reduce inputs across applications including fruits and vegetables, row crops, and permanent crops. 

ClimateMinder soil monitoring gives growers access to actionable data anytime, anywhere, to reduce plant stress, verify irrigation schedules are being followed, stop costly fertilizer leaching. 


  • Reduce plant stress
  • Verify irrigation schedules are followed
  • Increase crop quality
  • Stop leaching fertilizer
  • Maximize water usage
  • Have access to actionable data anytime, anywhere


  • is a clean, easy to use interface with indicators and charts that quickly relay information growers need to make irrigation choices
  • Sensors at each depth allow the grower to watch water move through the profile making sure irrigation is reaching the root zone, and not moving past it
  • A pressure switch tracks irrigation events recording exactly when irrigation starts and stops
  • A daily emailed report is available so the grower can have the latest field conditions with their morning coffee
  • Rain Bird and our authorized ClimateMinder resellers are available to quickly and professionally provide support for your ClimateMinder system


  • A choice of Rain Bird RB40 Soil Moisture Probes
    • 16" – 4 measurement depths
    • 32" – 6 measurement depths
  • Includes a Pressure Switch
    • Triggered at 5psi
  • Onboard Data Storage
    • Readings every 15 minutes
  • Stand Alone AT&T Cellular Com Link
    • Reporting every 3 hours
  • Solar Power/Battery backup
  • Plug and Play Connectors
  • Push button diagnostics
    • Take data sample, transmit, test signal quality