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Wireless Automatic Control System for Agricultural Irrigation Applications

The Rain Bird® CYCLIK™ wireless control system is battery operated for economical automation of an irrigation system, without AC power and without control wires.






The Rain Bird® CYCLIK™ wireless control system is battery operated for economical automation of an irrigation system, without AC power and without control wires.

The CONTROL MODULE has a 9-volt battery located in a weatherproof enclosure and operates latching solenoids to interrupt water flow to the valve chamber and provide on/off control of up to four valves.

The FIELD TRANSMITTER uses simple programming steps to create a coordinated irrigation schedule for up to 85 control modules. Programs are loaded into the optical port of the control modules through an infra-red link.

The simple programming menu in the field transmitter is used to set up the irrigation schedule for each valve. Then, the transmitter is taken to the field to load the program into each control module via the optical port. After the programs are loaded, each valve will operate until a new program is entered. The programming can be created to repeat a sequence, or operate one time, then remain off.

There are two models of field transmitters for different irrigation applications:

  • CYCLIK CI controls a series of valves to open and close in a sequence such as “pulse” irrigation of a solid set sprinkler or drip system.
  • CYCLIK Micro controls valves to open and close at specific times per day.
    • Micro Mode A allows four programs, and up to eight start times per day on a weekly schedule.
    • Micro Mode B allows multiple start and stop times within a specific time window, for use in a system with frequent daily irrigation and rest intervals.
Features Benefits
Accurate, synchronized control without control wires or AC power
Low cost installation
Weatherproof optical port Trouble-free operation, even under water
Simple menu-driven programming Saves time and reduces errors
Programming changes are made only through the field transmitter Unauthorized individuals cannot change irrigation programs
One year control module operation with one 9-volt alkaline battery Battery is reliable for one irrigation season
On/Off rainy weather control via the field transmitter Saves water by allowing shut-off during rain without losing the stored program
Synchronized control of up to 85 irrigation blocks Economical system, even for large farms


Additional Features

Manual control

All Cyclik products have the option of manual control with the field transmitter to close or open a valve immediately.

ON/OFF Control

An ON/OFF mode is also available. In the OFF mode, the program is kept from operating (and valves are not allowed to open) until the control modules receive an ON command. This feature is used often during rainy periods when the grower does not wish to irrigate, but wants to store the program in the control modules for activation in the future.

Program Review

The system also allows the grower to take the field transmitter to the field and review the program in each control module by connecting the optical port and choosing this key.

  • JA1100: Cyclik CI Field Transmitter
  • JA1300: Cyclik Micro Field Transmitter
  • JA3000: 3-Way Latching Solenoid
  • JA3001: Control Module - 1 Valve
  • JA3002: Control Module - 2 Valves
  • JA3003: Control Module - 4 Valves
  • 71P51018: Bracket (attaches control module to valve)
  • TBOSPSOL: 2-Way Latching Solenoid