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Sod Growers know that in order to be profitable, they need to grow healthy sod on every available square foot of soil. Wasted space and/or yellow spots can lead to lower production and lower profitability.

As a result, many sod growers are converting from pivot irrigation systems to solid set on no drain pipe. Rain Bird understands that Sod Farming is more difficult than simply growing grass.

If you are converting to, or currently operating a solid set irrigation system, Rain Bird would like to introduce you to the LF Series sprinkler. We have designed this sprinkler to provide a higher distribution uniformity than any other sprinkler on the market. From germination to harvest, this sprinkler provides a gentle, uniform, irrigation pattern that ensures that every square foot yields high quality, saleable sod, even in windy growing conditions.

The LFS is offered in three basic sizes. Wide spacings required by modern sod harvesting equipment are efficiently handled by the LF2400, providing flow rates from 2 to 4 gpm. As with all LF Series sprinklers, the LF2400 features rugged, durable construction, patented long-life bearing design, and multiple, easy to change nozzles and deflectors. If yellow spots make you see red, try the LF Series sprinkler from Rain Bird.