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Specialty Produce

Crop Applications

The LF Series sprinkler by Rain Bird provides the precise irrigation required to promote germination of vegetable seeds. Water droplets that resemble rain are disbursed in a gentle fan pattern that minimizes seed displacement and soil compaction.

The high uniformity and application efficiency of the LF sprinkler decreases replanting and yields more uniform stands of high quality produce. In addition to higher yields, more efficient irrigation also decreases the total volume of water that must be pumped, providing a reduction in operating costs.

The rugged LF Series sprinkler features color coded, incterchangeable nozzles and deflectors that provide easy reconfigurations in sprinkler performance in response to changes in head or lateral spacing. Superior wind resistance is achieved via lower operating pressures, uniform droplets and low angle trajectories.

The patented bearing design located out of the water stream provides extreme grit tolerance. If you have been frustrated in your search for a more efficient way to irrigate your vegetable crops, look no further than the LF Series from Rain Bird, where legendary impact sprinkler performance has been improved yet again.