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Nut Groves

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Nut growers appreciate the high uniformity and durable construction of the LF™ Series sprinkler. The LF™ Series Sprinkler has proven capable of withstanding the physical rigors of pruning and harvest. In one pecan grove, this sprinkler survived a hail storm severe enough to break PVC risers.

The patented bearing design decreases wear, reduces friction, increases dwell time and maximizes throw. This unique technology has been field proven in dirty water applications for over 4 years. Interchangeable, color coded, nozzles and deflectors, used in combination with Rain Bird's innovative configuration software, Uniformity Pro™, allow easy performance optimization to fit your specific spacing and application requirements.

Multiple deflector angles offer several choices to keep the water out of the trees and the stream splitter option keeps water off of the trunk. If you have been frustrated in your search for a more efficient way to irrigate your groves, look no further than the LF™ Series from Rain Bird, where legendary impact sprinkler performance has been improved yet again.