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Fruit Trees

Crop Applications

Fruit growers appreciate the high uniformity, precise watering and the configuration flexibility of the LF™ Series Sprinkler. The uniform, precision wetting pattern of this
new sprinkler results in a more broadly developed root base and an increase in feeder root hairs. This increase in root health contributes greatly to higher yields and better fruit quality, both of which have a direct impact on profitability.

A wide variety of available nozzles and deflectors provides a broad selection of flow rates and trajectory angles. This flexibility allows custom tailoring of the LF™ Series sprinkler to address a wide variety of soil conditions with application rates matched to soil infiltration capacities. The patented bearing design utilized in this sprinkler provides excellent durability in the harshest, dirty water conditions. The LF™ Series sprinkler has been successfully used for irrigation, cooling and frost protection in fruit orchards around the world.

If maximum yields and fruit quality are important to you, try the LF™ Series from Rain Bird, the company that has set the standard for agricultural irrigation since 1933.