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Fruit Cooling

Crop Applications

Fruit Growers understand that competition in a world market requires the adoption of new technologies and growing practices in order achieve the superior fruit quality that commands the highest prices wherever the fruit is sold.

The new LF™ Series sprinkler from Rain Bird is a cost effective irrigation device suitable for use whenever an overhead sprinkler system is designed for evaporative cooling (EC). When designed utilizing a time-pulsed application rate between 40 gpm/acre and 80 gpm/acre, EC has proven to be a effective technique to reduce sun burn and/or to enhance color development on red or red stripped fruit.

The broad nozzle selection offered for the LF™ Series sprinkler provides growers the ability to achieve the design application rate regardless of spacing. Specially engineered deflectors, available in several trajectories, deliver water droplets ideally sized to fight the wind and penetrate the canopy and ensure wetting of all fruit surfaces. The unique, patented, bearing provides excellent wear resistance to the harsh, gritty, waters commonly utilized in agricultural irrigation. If you are working to grow excellent fruit, as opposed to good fruit, try the LF™ Series sprinkler from Rain Bird, the company that has proudly served the agricultural community since 1933.