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Cranberry Bogs

Crop Applications

For decades, Rain Bird's legendary brass impact sprinklers have been the standard for frost protection applications. Now, a new legend is in the making: The LF™ Series Sprinkler.

The LF™ Series hybrid impact sprinkler provides the key elements for efficient frost protection; high uniformity, fast rotation times and reliable cold temperature operation.

Competitive plastic sprinklers that utilize liquid silicone as a braking medium may slow down as the silicone thickens in response to decreases in temperature. Rain Bird's LF™ Series sprinklers feature the spring and arm of a conventional impact sprinkler.

These mechanisms are shielded from ice build up (often responsible for slowing) by a durable, plastic, drive housing. The LF™ Series sprinklers have been successfully tested to temperatures as low as 8° F. (-13° C.), showing virtually no reduction in rotation time.

The LF™ Series sprinkler has provided outstanding uniformity in hot and cold climates all over the world for over 4 years. It has been successfully used for frost protection in the United States, Chile, Australia and China.

Cranberry Bog "Edge Effect"

When designing an irrigation system for frost protection for cranberries, it is critical to understand how the “edge effect” impacts uniformity and application rate. Cranberry bogs pose a unique scenario because the width of a typical bog is relatively narrow and the border between bogs interrupts the sprinkler head spacing. While the edge effect diminishes the uniformity in all irrigation systems, the performance diminishment in a bog is more pronounced due to the fact that it will impact a larger percentage of the area of the bog.